The students of Jacksonville Elementary School ran hard on September 29th for the Jog-a-thon! We would love your support! The Jog-a-thon is the main fundraiser for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The Jacksonville PTO raises and administers funds in order to provide additional educational benefits to all students. The PTO sponsors and promotes events such as the Harvest Carnival, the Art Program, the Writers Festival, the Britt Play, and group presentations from OMSI, Science Works, and the Oregon Aquarium. In addition, we assist teachers with extra classroom funds, help subsidize field trips, and support on campus clubs, such as the Garden Club.

A recent article from Leaders for Tomorrows Schools, states that community members can help schools reach their goals by providing a back drop for the “values, culture, and learning the schools strive to accomplish.”  Schools, parents, and communities working together bolster one another and provide hope for a responsible, well-educated future workforce.  (“The Importance of School and Community Collaboration”).

We need your help! This year the PTO has a goal of raising $20,000 to help us provide additional educational benefits. If you can help Jacksonville Elementary reach its goal, please click on the link below for our Online Pledge Form. Thank you for partnering with us!