Greenway Spray owner Greg Stewart says springtime is a great time of year to take control of the noxious weeds in your yard, pasture, and lawn as well as address pest issues impacting your trees. For 27 years, Greg has been working with the local agriculture industry and with homeowners, farmers, and ranchers in the Rogue Valley. In 2014 Greg started Greenway Spray, offering safe and cost-effective pest control and custom spray services, using organic and conventional methods.

“Greenway Spray is a small, family-owned business providing the highest degree of personal attention…I’m excited to report that our company has exponentially increased our customer base over the last two years.” A main reason for growth is that Greenway Spray is now involved in precision pesticide application, which opened up a new market.

Using state-of-the art equipment and software, “We can take information about a customer’s crop, field or lawn and develop a site-specific application. Using information gathered from soil samples, visually looking for areas that are in-need of water or nutrients, or physically monitoring the site for insect and disease pressure, we can address location-specific issues for our customers.”

Greg notes that the new equipment works well in combination with a GPS-guided sprayer to apply the right amount of product to the necessary area for the best results. Of specific interest to Jacksonville-area residents, Greenway Spray has developed a course of treatment to target beetles and scale in pine trees, an issue that’s being reported more and more from concerned homeowners. “We look at site safety and the impact of the application on the environment before making a recommendation to a client. Some of the options available include tree injections, basal bark spray applications, soil injections or treating the pest as an adult before they lay their eggs.” Greg says timing is critical for this type of work and monitoring the insect development cycle is essential for successful treatment.

Another major concern for locals is the proliferation of poison oak and blackberry plants and the necessary abatement needed to keep it at bay or remove it entirely. “Spraying these invasive plants has taken off in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas…we can develop a treatment plan depending on where it is located and what impacts the application would have on the particular site.” He’s quick to note that, “We do not use 2,4-d or Crossbow-type products that can volatilize and move off-site or damage desirable ornamentals. Our applications are generally site-specific and can be applied directly to the intended target.”

With spring here and summer fast-approaching, the timing for poison oak treatment is mid-June through the end of August, so it’s best to call now and schedule a site assessment. Greg adds that the timing for treating blackberries is mid-June through October, but it’s a good idea to plan ahead and get on the schedule as early as possible.

Greenway Spray has also expanded its services in season-long weed control, using safe, effective weed control applications that target the existing weed and at the same time inhibit seed germination. “Areas that we spray in the spring will be weed-free for an entire year with one application. This is an excellent application for fence-lines, gravel drives or property borders for fire suppression,” Greg says.

For more information, please call Greg Stewart at Greenway Spray at 541-622-9949.