Like any successful entrepreneurs, GoodBean’s Michael and Mary Kell know a thing or two about investing in the future, especially when it comes to providing exceptional customer service. As Michael admits, “We live in a drive-thru, convenience culture where many consumers are willing to sacrifice quality for convenience.” This notion got Michael to thinking about a means to cater to their customers’ desire for speed and convenience without sacrificing GoodBean’s famous quality-products and service.

“GoodBean’s Mobile Ordering App for coffee and food is now a reality. Our customers can now make the best use of their time whether ordering online to-go or casually enjoying our outstanding ambiance,” Michael notes.

The App has been a hit with customers who simply download the free service to their smartphones from the Apple or Google store and start ordering online within minutes. “Consumers on-the-go can’t risk waiting in a long line,” Michael knows from experience. Customers now simply order and pay in seconds with no waiting in line to pickup. “We keep you up-to-date every step of the way via your smart phone,” Michael adds. Most food orders are filled under 15 minutes, drink orders under 10 minutes.

Added benefits of the GoodBean app allows scheduling your own time to pickup an order, from one hour to even days in advance as well as the ability to leave a gratuity with the push of a button. “The popularity of the App is spreading like wildfire…it’s been really fun bringing this to our beloved Jacksonville customers,” Michael says.

Look for the GoodBean App for the Medford store, available in July!