Love Your Landscape – July 2017

As the days have gotten longer and music flows off Britt Hill, I know summer is definitely upon us. Around here, the natural surroundings of our historic town cast our summers with an almost magical quality.

While Jacksonville and Southern Oregon is a summertime destination for many, some of us are planning to take trips and family vacations in the next few months. While out and about, pay special attention to the natural landscapes you encounter. Take in the natural beauty you see and let it help and inspire you to create a unique landscape at your own property. When you see something that really gets your attention, ask yourself what is it exactly about what you’re seeing that captures you or draws you in. This will be a great guide forward to putting the pieces together for your own creation.

If you come across a natural scene this summer that captures your attention, snap a photo. Take notice of the details and all of the creative uses of stone, light fixtures, decorations, fences, statues, pergolas, sitting walls, planters, herb gardens, flower gardens, water gardens, and any other outdoor elements that appeal to your style.

You may discover new plant varieties, too. Bring these ideas back from your travels to help you transform your outdoor living area into an at-home oasis.

The obvious heat of the summer months reminds me of an entire range of plants we sometimes overlook in our landscapes. For those of you looking to add an unexpected touch to your landscape, succulents are great options. Succulents are described as plants that have adapted to arid or low moisture environments by storing moisture in their leaves, stems, and roots. The beauty of these plants is that they require less regular maintenance than other varieties of house or garden plants.

We all recognize cacti as some of the most common succulents. What some may not know is that while all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. While cacti have spines, they also often display large, colorful, beautiful flowers. Other varieties of succulents include “air plants” which are characterized by having little or no direct contact with soil. The texture and color profile that succulents contribute to a landscape can be quite striking.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world; our climate, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers are unique. I hope you take in all the natural beauty around you this summer and get inspired!