Oriental Lilies: Not As Fragile As You Think – by Rhonda Nowak

The Literary Gardener – October 2017

“Fresh tears stood on her cheeks as does the honeydew upon a gathered Lily almost withered.” ~William Shakespeare, “Titus Andronicus,” Act III, scene 1 (1594)

This passage makes it clear that […]

Pollinator Event Unbeelievably Successful – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

John Muir’s quote speaks to the interconnectedness of all things. Humans to nature, nature to earth, earth to the universe, and the cosmos back to humans. Take for example the zeal surrounding the solar eclipse […]

Stories and Gardening Tips Will Flourish at the Shakespeare Garden Tour – by Rhonda Nowak

The Literary Gardener – September 2017

“Be you in the park about midnight at Herne’s Oak, and you shall see wonders.”
– In William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” 1597

I’ve mentioned before that every year Jerry […]

Join the Jacksonville Garden Club!

The Jacksonville Garden Club (JGC) has been one of the gems of civic involvement in Jacksonville for over 75 years. The Club is always seeking new members, both women and men, to get involved in […]

Saturday Mornings at Shooting Star Nursery – September 2017 Class Schedule

All classes begin at 10:00am and are located at the nursery unless indicated otherwise. Space is limited so please be sure to register on our website: A minimum of 8 […]

As Summer Season Turns to Fall – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – September 2017

Summer is winding down, but I think we would all agree there’s something special about the back-to-school season that’s filled with the promise of new beginnings. This […]

Monarch Musings, One of Nature’s Climate Trackers

We know about the “Canary in the Coalmine,” but have you heard about “The Monarch in the Milkweed”? The next Southern Oregon Climate Action Now general meeting, marking our fifth Anniversary, will be held at […]

Got Milkweed? How to Help Monarch Butterflies – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – August 2017

Monarch butterflies have been on earth for roughly 175 million years, but it’s only since the 1990’s that their numbers have declined by 80%. In 25 short years, 560 of […]

‘Hosta’ La Vista, August Heat! – by Rhonda Nowak

The Literary Gardener – August 2017

“The first week of August hangs at the very top of the summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when […]

Landscaping for the Long Term – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – August 2017

When it comes to your landscaping, long-term planning offers many rewards. Resale value, maintenance considerations and future landscape plans are a few reasons to plan […]