Technology and Your Landscape – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – April 2017

The use of technology in everyday life has sky rocketed. We have our “smart” house, “smart” phone, so how about our “smart” landscape? Even though technology impacts us all differently, […]

Saturday Mornings at Shooting Star Nursery – April 2017

*April 8th, 10:00am, Bees at the Nursery—We will be installing a hive at the nursery this spring and want to share all the bee activity! This is a fun talk to help understand what bees […]

Greenway Spray Can Prevent Weeds and Save Pine Trees

Greenway Spray owner Greg Stewart says springtime is a great time of year to take control of the noxious weeds in your yard, pasture, and lawn as well as address pest issues impacting your trees. […]

The Tulip’s Passionate Past – by Rhonda Nowak

The Literary Gardener – April 2017

My heart is smit
With love so strong
I must declare,
But have no tongue.
Come to my aid, Thou Tulip Red,
Go and declare
My love instead.
~ Mandy Kirby, A Victorian Flower Dictionary, 2011

Before beginning […]

Save the date for Garden Club Spring Sale in May

The Jacksonville Garden Club’s Annual Spring Sale will be held in downtown Jacksonville on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 from 10:00am-3:00pm in the alcove next to the Post Office on Oregon Street. The sale features fresh-cut […]

Conference Registration Now Open for Living on Your Land and Tree School program

The popular one-day Living on Your Land and Tree School program, to be held April 22, 2017 at RCC Grants Pass, is now open for registration.

This event features 27 classes covering Native Plant Regeneration, Small […]

The Little Mason Bee and Me – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – March 2017

At first I thought they were flies. Tiny, black, wings. Two of them I found legs-up in the windowsill. They were swept away with nary a thought. Until I saw […]

The Importance of Proper Drainage – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – March 2017

With wet weather having soaked Southern Oregon for a couple of months now, the topic of proper drainage should be on everyone’s mind. Many of my neighbors […]

Ground Covers to Keep Bambi Out of Shade Gardens – by Rhonda Nowak

The Literary Gardener – March 2017

“Everything in the forest has its season. Where one thing falls, another grows.
Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same.”
~Felix […]

Saturday Mornings at Shooting Star Nursery – March 2017

*March 4th, 10:00am, Natural Pruning-—Everything does not need to be ‘mushroomed’ when pruning. Join Eric, our expert pruner, for this informative class on achieving a natural, healthy look with your shrubs and small trees. Let […]