Celebrate Christmas Tradition at Hanley Farm – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – December 2017/January 2018

We credit Germany with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century, when “devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes.” And, […]

Make a Holiday Wreath at the Farm – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – November 2017

Wreaths—a fascinating history and beautiful holiday tradition! The word “wreath” is from an English word meaning “twist, such as in a circle.” And, wreath, translated literally, means “a thing […]

Focus on Hanley Farm, October 2017 – by Pam Sasseen

It’s October, one of Hanley Farm’s “most favorite” months, other than November when we celebrate the onset of the holidays with Santa’s visit and “Holiday Wreath Making.” And there’s December, when we offer after-holiday Hanley […]

Music Festival a Great Success! – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – September 2017

Hanley Farm’s music festival was GREAT! Hundreds of people attended, making the Southern Oregon Historical Society’s 71st anniversary an event to remember. The forecast for the day was 103 […]

Music Festival is August 5 at the Farm – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – August 2017

On August 5, 2017, Hanley Farm presents, “Hanley Farm Music Festival,” a fundraiser for Hanley Farm! In addition to great toe-tapping music from five popular local entertainers, there will […]

Focus on Hanley Farm, July 2017 – by Pam Sasseen

However one refers to the Civil War—the “War to Preserve the Union,” “War of the Rebellion,” “War to make Men Free,” “Freedom War,” or the “War Between the States”—it preserved the United States as one, […]

Focus on Hanley Farm, June 2017 – by Pam Sasseen

Welcome to Hanley Farm! Up to and including the month of December, the farm hosts a new event every month!

We began our season April 29 & 30 with the annual Heritage Plant Sale. Hundreds of […]

Focus on Hanley Farm, May 2017 – by Pam Sasseen

If you have trouble getting your child to help with household chores, try asking them to imagine what it would have been like to be raised on a farm, let’s say during the late 1800s […]

Focus on Hanley Farm, April 2017 – by Pam Sasseen

April is a special month for the Southern Oregon Historical Society and Hanley Farm. SOHS is proud to be the Grand Marshal for the 64th Annual Pear Blossom Parade, April 8. To celebrate the Pear […]

Spring Brings Interesting Events to Hanley Farm and More! – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – March 2017

160 years ago, Michael Hanley purchased what is now known as Hanley Farm. Originally the farm was called “The Willows,” a name taken from a weeping willow planted in […]