My View – March 2017

Just before press deadline, I bumped into a longtime Review columnist who admitted, “I’m struggling…all I have is writers block and I’m not sure about writing my column this month!” After a nice chat, I discovered that I too had caught the dreaded writers block “bug.” The chat also left little doubt that it was a result of stress and a bit of burnout—brought on by too much time on social media, keeping-up with a deluge of “friends” expressing their take on the world… it was dragging us down in the process. And based upon subsequent conversations, it looks as if we weren’t alone!

Truthfully, I was somewhat relieved that another writing comrade was lost in an editorial abyss, aggravated by a long, wet, cold winter season. Knowing there’s comfort in numbers, it was good to learn I wasn’t the only one taking certain local and national topics a bit too seriously. The major bummer, though, was in failing to focus on the genuinely incredible aspects of living here in Jacksonville… counting blessings and not wasting time on the negatives.

Fortunately, inspiration hit at the perfect moment, during an evening out with friends at the Britt Valentine Gala. It was during this event that the weight of the world shifted in a better, more optimistic direction and I snapped out of it. The shift was possible thanks to others who reminded me that the glass is half full and there’s much to be grateful for, especially living and working here! While mingling and talking with friends, I was reminded why I live here…why I love living here…why I’m doing this for a living. The conversation seemed to touch on everything from favorite Woodlands hiking trails, to a recent world-class dinner at the J’Ville Inn, to visiting favorite wineries, the new coffee shop in town, the March wildflower explosion AND, of course…the upcoming 2017 Britt season!

This “kick in the pants” reminder was so timely, so positive, so needed—so very Jacksonville! Suffice it to say that my mindset has shifted back where it began…on a positive path. The evening’s realignment was just in-time to find my table, enjoy a glass of EdenVale Syrah over a nice meal and great entertainment in the company of wonderful friends.

In case you’re wondering, all’s well with the columnist I alluded to earlier who also found inspiration in Our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!