BRITISH-INTELLIGENCE-1CHARLIE-CHAN-2If you like tight editing, a fast paced story, and riveting suspense, you’ll love BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, the first film of a double feature Boris Karloff billing. This is no monster movie but an intelligent drama set in World War I. Karloff is superb as the master German spy operating within the heart of the British command. Karloff was ably supported by Warner Brothers who provided great production values for this one hour film.

Our second feature is CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OPERA, the only Chan feature to use a guest star. Karloff plays an opera singer thought dead in a fire. Mistaken as insane, he escapes his prison hospital and it is up to Chan to find him and determine what really happened at the opera house. Many Chan fans will say this is the BEST of the Chan films. This film runs for 68 minutes.

The show begins at 7:00pm at Old City Hall on Friday, February 21st. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Posted February 21, 2014