Love Your Landscape – October 2015

Finding a sense of peace and beauty in your own outdoor living area is something that most everyone dreams of creating. Doing so can be accomplished by adding a simple potted flower pot placed on a patio to installation of an infinity pool, outdoor fireplace, outdoor lighting, hot tub, outdoor rooms, fountains or waterfalls.

Our moderate fall climate and generally non-extreme winters enable the use of outdoor living areas all year long. Bringing the elements of nature to an outdoor living area creates a restful and relaxing environment. Outdoor fireplaces are popular because they bring the feel of being indoors right to your own backyard. The sound, sight and feel of water can bring nature right to us. A small fountain or a large water feature with streams, pools and water falls add dramatic and soothing effects to any outdoor living area.

One of the most vivid and rewarding additions to an outdoor living area is LED outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting gives definition and depth to outdoor spaces that would otherwise be lost during the fall and winter months. Landscape lighting gives you the ability to enjoy your outdoor living area every month of the year.

So enjoy Southern Oregon all year-long by creating or improving your own outdoor living experience.