Joyfull Living – February 2017

It’s time for you to “Get Real” about being part of the healing solution in your life. We can all complain about what is wrong and though this awareness is an important part of change, we need to take actions that can move us towards healing. What are you contributing to the solution in your life, in your body? We spend so much energy looking for the “diagnosis” that sometimes we forget we can start being part of the healing solution now by stopping doing what we have always done and expect different results. The old structures that defined you in the past no longer fit or feel authentic because you are being called into a whole new experience of knowing who YOU are – and why you are here!

If you can accept that the solution for you is not going back to what was but forward towards being the full expression of the gift of you, you are part of the solution. As you practice aligning your intentions with your higher good and the higher good of all, you can heal your whole-self: physically, emotionally, financially and last but not least, spiritually. This is how you can embrace your authentic–self. Getting real and being authentic means honoring yourself, heart and soul. When you give yourself permission to be yourself and embrace the gift of who you are in relationship to your inner truth, you will experience a huge sigh of relief and feel deep joy beyond anything you can imagine. That is powerful inner medicine.

It’s time for you to embrace how magnificent you are!

NOT defined by what you DO but who you ARE.

Are you ready to meet yourself in a whole new way and embody the change you want to experience in your body and in your LIFE? If you are ready to receive and discover how to be a source of healing in your life, I have created a special weekend retreat to give you the space, guidance and inspiration to heal your gut and spirit to embody radiant health and joy in all areas of your life. (next retreat is 2/17-19/2017)

The Guts to Heal and Get Real Retreat Weekend is a transformational opportunity for you to bring healing into your belly and clear what is holding you back from experiencing abundance, joy, and radiant health. I am inviting you to take a healing journey to free your energy to create and manifest your intentions and awaken your passion for your life.


During this 2 ½ day period together, you will receive support and impeccable care, eat delicious, healing foods (from Chef Kristen) featuring a low inflammatory diet. This is an opportunity to experience deep healing processes physically and spiritually and bring healing into the stories that hold you trapped in anger, shame, guilt and hopelessness.

Get invested in the solutions to heal yourself from the “problems” (health, relationships, money…). You will re-enter your world stronger, more grounded and energized with a renewed acceptance and love for yourself and others. It is time for you to reconnect with your super powers as a human being. Receive inspiration and tangible strategies and techniques to step into a more vibrant experience of yourself and your life.

You don’t need to work harder or be stronger.

Make time to re-activate the strength of your spirit within.

It takes a daily practice of meeting yourself unconditionally, without judgments, with compassion, for your humanness to experience transformation. It is a profound act of self-love that takes courage to allow yourself to be supported. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. Join me for an exquisite self-care weekend, in a safe, supportive environment.

If you are ready to meet the real you and reconnect to your joy and strengthen your foundation to create and support the life you were born to live, gift yourself this special time. Get $50 use code: JRREAL2-17 (valid until 2/12/17).

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