Eleglance Home Décor will be closing its retail doors at 6 pm this Saturday, January 16th, 2016.    Everything is on sale in the store and we invite you to come and take advantage of super prices on quality items.

We have been pleased to be a retailer in Jacksonville and are sad but also relieved to be closing the retail part of our business as time and energy do not allow us to maintain it any longer.  It has been a successful business and we have met many wonderful people through the store.

Carmen will continue to do interior design as Eleglance Stylish Interiors as she has done for 25 years.
Jim will continue to do general contracting and architectural design as Advanced Homebuilders, Inc. as he has done for 25 years.

We will work out of our home offices at 750 E. California St. in Jacksonville.  Cell phones 541-944-7421 (J) and 541-944-7422 (C)

For the last 3 years, we have placed a “Letters to Santa” mailbox on our front step during business hours for the Christmas season.   This was in hopes that folks in the Jacksonville area would take advantage of shopping and mailing their childrens’ letters to Santa here locally instead of going to the mall and using the Macys mailbox.  We have made a donation to Childrens Advocacy Center (CAC) for letters received  and we would love to have a business in Jacksonville continue with this and would donate the mailbox to them for that purpose.  Of course, the business could choose their own way of marketing and promoting it and would not have to be tied in with CAC.

We look forward to seeing you all in the future and wish you all continued success in your businesses.

Jim and Carmen Whitlock