More than 1700 Jacksonville voters, representing a whopping 77% turnout, cast their ballots for candidates and measures. As of 11/9/16 at 2:00 pm, the unofficial election results are:

  • Mayor Paul Becker wins re-election. Becker received 1028 votes (53%), challenger Jocie Wall received 874 votes (45%) with 12 write-in votes.
  • In the uncontested City Council race, Criss Garcia received 1225 votes, Steve Casaleggio received 1156 and David Jesser received 999 votes.
  • Measure 142 (prohibits marijuana shops)  and Measure 143 (prohibits medical marijuana Registrants) passed by 72% and 69% respectively.
  • Measure 152 (New City Charter) received 827 votes in favor (45%) and 1005 votes against (54%.) City Administrator Alvis noted that revisiting updates to the Charter will be the topic of City Council discussion in 2017 and that it can’t be a ballot measure again until the 2018 General Election.
  • The Jackson County “Support Local History” measure has failed by a 2-1 margin county-wide.