Digging Jacksonville – Archeology in our Town

Artifacts 3: Horshoes – by Chelsea Rose, MA, RPA

Digging Jacksonville – December 2014/January 2015

The horseshoe is one of the quintessential artifacts of the American West. Not surprisingly, horseshoes like the one pictured here have been found in excavations across Jacksonville. In honor of […]

Artifacts 2: Cap Guns – by Kyle Crebbin

Digging Jacksonville – November 2014

During the excavation of the Chinese Quarter by the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) in the Fall of 2013, a multitude of fascinating items were uncovered that can shed […]

Artifacts 1: Picture Frames – by Chelsea Rose, MA, RPA

Digging Jacksonville – October 2014

Over the past few years, you could barely throw a rock without hitting a shovel-wielding, orange vested archaeologist in downtown Jacksonville. Many of the same factors that served to preserve the […]