Digging Jacksonville – Archeology in our Town

The Main Street Nugget – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – December 2016/January 2017

“Have you found any gold yet?” That is one of the most common questions archaeologists get, particularly when working in a gold rush era mecca like Jacksonville, Oregon. While I […]

Pressed Glass – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – November 2016

During our excavations into the Chinese Quarter, we got a peek into the pantry of a household occupied by Chinese residents in 1888. On the shelves, we found a variety of […]

New Radio Show to Feature Jacksonville Archeology and More – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – October 2016

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Archaeology?” (Be honest!) Many of you are thinking Egyptian pyramids; (that’s ok, I get it), some of you might […]

The Rogue River War in Jacksonville – by Chelsea Rose and Mark Tveskov

Digging Jacksonville – September 2016

The Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) just returned from a month-long dig on the coast, investigating two sites associated with the Rogue River War of the mid-19th Century. This […]

Coins – by Marjorie and Kevin Akin

Digging Jacksonville – August 2016

Excavations at Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter resulted in a small assemblage of coins that burned with the house in the fall of 1888. Through numismatics, the study of coins, it is possible […]

Incorporating Archaeology into Exhibitions – by Amy Drake

Digging Jacksonville – July 2016

Creating an exhibition is a thoughtful, creative, intensive—and fun process. One of the many challenges for the curator is combining academic research with strong visual components to tell the story so […]

The Making Archaeology Public Project – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – June 2016

This year marks many important milestones for history lovers. The National Park Service turns 100 (so be sure you carve out some time this summer to celebrate with a visit to […]

Revisiting Hanley Farm Spring House, Again – by Andrew Bastier

Digging Jacksonville – May 2016

The Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) recently provided me with a unique opportunity to research, explore, and snoop around the scenic Hanley Farm in order to provide a synthesis of the […]

Printer’s Type – by Ben Truwe

Digging Jacksonville – April 2016

Archeological excavations in Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter regularly turn up examples of printer’s type, the latest dig finding five examples. The archaeologist naturally wants to know when the artifacts found their way […]

Finding My Marbles – by Gayle Lewis

Digging Jacksonville – March 2016

The days of free-roaming youngsters and unsupervised play are gone, it seems, here in Jacksonville, but we can still see children in Doc Griffin Park or playing in yards and cul […]