Digging Jacksonville – Archeology in our Town

A Historical Tour of Jacksonville’s Chinese Community – by Keoni Diacamos

Digging Jacksonville – February 2018

In celebration of the 2018 “Year of the Dog,” the Southern Oregon Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) is proud to present an educational pamphlet on the history of […]

Tunnels, and Adits, and Shafts, Oh My! – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – November 2017

We all know that the history of the city of Jacksonville is intimately tied to the discovery of gold. So it’s not surprising that the city is home to many of […]

Wong Goon’s Haunted Laundry – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – October 2017

October marks four years since we excavated the burned dwelling along Main Street in Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter. October also marks my favorite holiday, and in honor of both, I am going […]

Three “VIP” (Very Important Personal) Native Artifacts From Hanley Farm – by Jeff LaLande

Digging Jacksonville – September 2017

“Be they ever so humble looking,” each of the three Native tools shown here were of crucial importance to their owner’s survival. All three were found at Hanley Farm, as part […]

The Bones of Britt Hill – by Jacie Shepherd

Digging Jacksonville – August 2017

As part of Jacksonville’s 2010 Sesquicentennial celebration, the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) conducted a large-scale archaeological excavation at the former homestead of Peter Britt, which is now the […]

Analyzing Musket Balls – by Tatiana Watkins

Digging Jacksonville – July 2017

The Rogue River War of 1855-56 marks a pivotal point in the settlement of Oregon. The conflict centered on the years of hostile and violent encounters between the Native Americans and […]

The Oldest Grape Seed in Southern Oregon – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – June 2017

The Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) conducted a series of excavations in the Britt Gardens in preparation for Jacksonville’s 2010 sesquicentennial. This led to the recovery of thousands of […]

We Dig Hanley Farm – by Jeanena Whitewilson

Digging Jacksonville – May 2017

It takes a different breed of volunteer, student, and professional, with a burning desire to discover and preserve local history to join an archeology dig. We arrived at Hanley Farm March […]

The Blacksmith Shop Doll – by Kyle Crebbin

Digging Jacksonville – April 2017

When the City of Jacksonville and the Oregon Department of Transportation uncovered a pile of horseshoes while transplanting a tree along C Street in 2010, they unexpectedly uncovered the remains of […]

Glass Trade Beads – by Carol Knapp

Digging Jacksonville – March 2017

I have been working with SOULA on the archaeology of my historic home and property for more than a decade. Each time I need to renovate, update, or improve the home […]