Digging Jacksonville – Archeology in our Town

The Blacksmith Shop Doll – by Kyle Crebbin

Digging Jacksonville – April 2017

When the City of Jacksonville and the Oregon Department of Transportation uncovered a pile of horseshoes while transplanting a tree along C Street in 2010, they unexpectedly uncovered the remains of […]

Glass Trade Beads – by Carol Knapp

Digging Jacksonville – March 2017

I have been working with SOULA on the archaeology of my historic home and property for more than a decade. Each time I need to renovate, update, or improve the home […]

The Ancestral Homeland of the Overseas Chinese – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – February 2017

I just returned from a wonderful month in Southern China’s Guangdong Province—the ancestral homeland of the Overseas Chinese. While there, I was able to spend time in the home villages of […]

The Main Street Nugget – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – December 2016/January 2017

“Have you found any gold yet?” That is one of the most common questions archaeologists get, particularly when working in a gold rush era mecca like Jacksonville, Oregon. While I […]

Pressed Glass – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – November 2016

During our excavations into the Chinese Quarter, we got a peek into the pantry of a household occupied by Chinese residents in 1888. On the shelves, we found a variety of […]

New Radio Show to Feature Jacksonville Archeology and More – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – October 2016

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Archaeology?” (Be honest!) Many of you are thinking Egyptian pyramids; (that’s ok, I get it), some of you might […]

The Rogue River War in Jacksonville – by Chelsea Rose and Mark Tveskov

Digging Jacksonville – September 2016

The Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) just returned from a month-long dig on the coast, investigating two sites associated with the Rogue River War of the mid-19th Century. This […]

Coins – by Marjorie and Kevin Akin

Digging Jacksonville – August 2016

Excavations at Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter resulted in a small assemblage of coins that burned with the house in the fall of 1888. Through numismatics, the study of coins, it is possible […]

Incorporating Archaeology into Exhibitions – by Amy Drake

Digging Jacksonville – July 2016

Creating an exhibition is a thoughtful, creative, intensive—and fun process. One of the many challenges for the curator is combining academic research with strong visual components to tell the story so […]

The Making Archaeology Public Project – by Chelsea Rose

Digging Jacksonville – June 2016

This year marks many important milestones for history lovers. The National Park Service turns 100 (so be sure you carve out some time this summer to celebrate with a visit to […]