On Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. Dee Moore passed away.

Dee will be missed by her friends and family.  She was cared for in the last few weeks by her son Steven, family friend Dianne Helmer, and cousin Penni Viets.  Dee only briefly outlived her cherished husband, Ron, who passed in January of this year.

Dee was an artist and photographer but her passion in life was as wife to Ron, mom to son Steven, and “fur-mom” to Bodie.  For all those who ask after Bodie, please know that he will be loved and well-cared for by Ron and Dee’s son, Steven.

Dee’s ashes will be buried with Ron in the Jacksonville Historic Cemetery.  Her journey here on earth has ended and she will once again be joined with her beloved “Ronald” and he with his beloved “Dolly”.

The family will have an open house at some point later this summer, all will be welcome.

Photo is of Ron and Dee Moore