Love Your Landscape – April 2015

In recent years, the synthetic grass turf industry has experienced rapid growth despite the slow economy in the commercial and residential building markets. The turf industry coasted through the recession relatively unscathed, propelled by growing demand primarily due to advancements in quality and cost reduction efforts by sporting venues, municipalities, homeowners and schools. Even though continued weaknesses in construction markets and school budgetary issues have limited growth, concerted adoption of artificial grass and turf has fueled industry expansion. In the coming years, a return to building activity, ever-increasing interest and participation in outdoor sports, as well as rising environmental awareness, will keep the industry on an upward trend.

Over the past three years, Oregon and California have suffered through a severe and damaging drought. The EPA attributes roughly 15% of annual national water usage to lawn care. Los Angeles, a city that in 2007 experienced its driest year in 130 years, implemented a grass-removal incentive program in 2009, paying homeowners who tear-out their lawns $1.4 million since that time.

By converting a natural lawn to artificial turf, homeowners could save an average of $100-$150 per month in water and maintenance costs with some homeowners saving upwards of $300 per month in water costs alone.

Today’s synthetic grass products include numerous innovations, all formulated to be beautiful, safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly landscape solutions for many residential and commercial uses. Homeowners are using synthetic grass to create unique backyard retreats, while hotels, sports parks and other businesses provide year-round green spaces that require minimal resources and maintenance.

At the end of 2014, about 40-45 million square feet of artificial turf for landscapes has been installed in the United States. Beautifully-landscaped synthetic grass can often be installed in places where living grass can’t grow or be effectively maintained.

You’ll discover synthetic lawn product styles in late-summer long, putting-green short, or somewhere in between with color choices from light to dark green, with some even matching regional native grasses.

With today’s environmental issues, drought concerns, maintenance costs and time constraints, artificial turf products are rapidly becoming the outdoor living space choice of many Americans. Sage Landscape Supply offers several options for your synthetic turf needs, including specialty-manufactured Dog Turf for your pet!