In her Preface to Color Historic Jacksonville, local artist Anne Brooke says, “Living in Jacksonville for 24 years gives me a special vision of the many facets of this historic community. Driving into town, a traffic sign reduces your speed from 45 mph to 25. You see the town in the distance as you put your foot on the brake and with a sigh you think, “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world!

When Tim Balfour, Executive Director of Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, whispered in Anne’s ear the words historic coloring book, Anne says, “There was never a question. About three months later I had 25 line drawings ready to color and quotes about history for the back of each image.”

A “Meet the Pioneers” presentation gave Anne more insight when she observed the actors in costume doing short offerings about the lives of historic residents or families buried in the Jacksonville Cemetery. She says, “I learned so much more, I added three more images.”

The proceeds from the sale of Color Historic Jacksonville benefit local charities. Non-profits can purchase the coloring book at a special discount. Look for the coloring book December 1st at Art Presence Art Center (where Anne leads her troop of local artists and authors), at the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center and in Jacksonville shops.