The canary in the coal mine serves as an alarm to tell miners when the air is unsafe. When thing go awry, that’s good for the miners, but not so good for the canary. Birds serve the same role aboveground as they do below. As the climate and habitats shift, birds can be among the first to tell the story of climate trends and thus can alert us to what is happening and what the future holds.

For over 100 years the study of birds has guided conservation and natural resource management in the Unites States and beyond.  Recent research suggests that conservation challenges identified by the bird conservation community are exacerbated by climate change.  Join SOCAN and the Klamath Bird Observatory to learn about international, national, and regional efforts to adapt bird conservation and natural resource management strategies to effectively meet the most urgent needs in the face of climate change.

John Alexander, Director of the Klamath Bird Observatory will be the guest speaker at the next Southern Oregon Climate Action Now general meeting at 6:00 pm on April 25th at the Medford Public Library. In the topic “Climate Change: A Bird’s Eye View” John will share what critical impacts climate change is having on regional and national bird populations, and summarize research that KBO is undertaking.