News From Britt Hill – July 2015

We are happy and excited to welcome concert goers to the 53rd season of Britt’s Classical Festival. As Jacksonville Review readers know, this year’s Classical Festival reflects a shift to bolder and more diverse programming. Teddy Abrams has put together an unparalleled roster of guest musicians and an outstanding program featuring our magnificent orchestra. It is sure to be an adventurous and new journey for all!

With Teddy Abrams solidly in-place as our Music Director and Conductor, we look forward to new beginnings of all kinds. For instance, you are going to see a big change in our traditional Opening Night Gala Picnic. This year we will celebrate Opening Night of the 2015 Classical Festival with a pre-concert dinner inspired by the concert program, both in terms of the medieval origins of Carmina Burana, and the lavish sounds of both Carmina and The Poem of Ecstasy. The Jacksonville Inn will prepare a sumptuous medieval-themed feast, with a menu including roasted hens, turkey drum sticks, carved ham, and roasted vegetables. The dinner includes a glass of champagne, plus red and white wine at each table. It’s a fitting feast for a rich evening of music!

The feast will take place in the Performance Garden, and guests will be seated at round tables, which will stay in-place to give attendees a reserved seat for the pre-concert music, as well as the pre-concert talk hosted by Jefferson Public Radio. The cost of the dinner is $55 (concert ticket is not included). Space is limited to just 150 guests. After costs are covered, proceeds from this dinner will benefit the Classical Festival.

On another new note, for many of you, part of the Britt Experience includes bringing your favorite bottle of wine to the concert and sharing it with friends and neighbors. For those of you that are passionate about our local wines, we are delighted to announce another first. Britt’s wine partners will be offering a selection of their finest bottles of wine during the Classical Festival. Proprietors will be on-hand to share their combined knowledge and expertise to help you with your selection.

Indeed, there will be musical and beverage bounty for everyone at Britt’s 2015 Classical Festival. Please come enjoy the abundance on our hill this summer and bring a friend or two with you!