A Classic-al Challenge for You!

Although I could fill this page with commentary related to Jacksonville politics, I thought I’d give it a rest for a month and talk about something far more interesting and fun—the Britt Classical Season, now in full-swing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock & roll, you know that Teddy Abrams (the guy on this month’s cover) is Britt’s new Maestro—the Conductor of the orchestra—and that he’s bringing new energy and super-charged vitality to the hill. Not only are the 90 orchestra musicians jazzed about Teddy, so are Britt’s loyal classical fans who overwhelmingly voted Teddy as their choice to take the reins during last year’s “Battle for the Baton.”

Which brings me to the reason for orchestrating this column—a challenge of sorts for those of you who’ve not attended a classical performance in a while… or ever! Do me and yourself a favor—attend at least one classical performance this season. Teddy is shaking it up—it’s not your grandparents’ classical music when Teddy’s on-stage. At just 27 years-old, Teddy is an international star whose musicians give him their all, making for an incredible evening on the hill that you deserve to experience!

To Teddy, the orchestra and the old and new classical music fans, welcome to the Britt Hill in Our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!

Photo of Teddy Abrams conducting the Louisville Orchestra by O’Neil Arnold.