Longtime Jacksonville and Rogue Valley resident Jeff Case recently followed a life-long dream by launching a line of privately-labeled Barbeque Sauces, affectionately dubbed, “Chef Jeff’s.”

chef-jeffs-bbq-sauceCase, a well-known and respected mortgage lender, is also a husband and a father of three grown children and grandpa of two. Jeff’s wife Leslie admits, “The fact that we had our three kids in the span of three years, kind of forced Jeff to learn to how to cook…since I was pretty busy, it really served as the catalyst that shifted Jeff to head family chef. It was during our early married years that he became passionate about cooking, especially barbeque that eventually lead to the creation of his sauces and his own brand.”

Today, the Case kids, girls Kendall (27) and Ashton (26), and son Brody (24) are proud of their parents. All look back fondly and recall a solid family foundation that was partially built thanks to spending time together in the kitchen and around the dinner table—their dad’s domain.

Oldest daughter, Kendall says, “In a time of life when all of us have moved out and are well into living our own lives, dad’s business has, again, drawn us close as a family. We’ve all done some work to ensure that he has our support and is successful.”

Indeed, Chef Jeff’s is a family-supported and oriented venture wherein Leslie handles all social media, marketing and public relations. Kendall and Ashton assist with customer service and sales at local events as well as some outside marketing, while Brody handles website development and tech support.

All the kids say it’s fun to watch their parents working together at something other than raising a family!

Middle daughter Ashton says, “They have always set such a good example to us, showing us teamwork, communication, hard work and integrity and it comes-out in how they are approaching the new venture.”

Each of the Case kids also recalls a common conversation in the household was always about their dad opening up a coffee bistro or restaurant. “Today,” says Brody, “we’re so proud that dad’s sauces deliver what would have been served had he opened a restaurant! On the website, he will share his knowledge of perfectly-cooked meats through videos and recipes.”

Chef Jeff’s BBQ sauces are made at TopNotch Bottling in Albany, Oregon, using GoodBean Coffee in all the sauces and rubs. Kendall adds that, “This is such an exciting adventure that mom and dad have started on. It’s special that he’s given each of us a role, so to say, and that we feel a part of it. It’s drawn us closer in our busy lives…I’m looking forward to seeing where Chef Jeff’s goes!”

Look for Chef Jeff’s BBQ sauces in three flavors: Original, Natural and WAK (With a Kick), all currently at local retailers including GoodBean Coffee and Fiasco Winery in Jacksonville, and in Medford at Black Bird, Punky’s Diner and Quality Markets. Check their website for new retailers, the online store, and “how-to” videos.

Reach Jeff Case at 541-601-6245 or online at www.chefjeffsbbq.com.

Featured image is of Jeff Case and family.