Vicki Dalton “Miss Vicki”

Celebrating Miss Vicki’s “Zone of Love”

In a heartwarming retirement send-off ceremony, staff, parents and students gathered in the Jacksonville Elementary gymnasium on 12/18/2013 to honor Vicki Dalton. After 11 years, Vicki is retiring from her post as Office Manager, a role Principal Rick Snyder said, “Creates one of the most challenging hiring decisions ever!” During his remarks in the jam-packed gym, Snyder noted Vicki has always been there for the students for advice, a hug, support and friendship. With barely a dry eye in the room, staff and parents echoed the sentiment including parent Amy Kranenburg who has a 2nd and 5th grader at the school. “Vicki Dalton was the first voice we heard when we were looking at moving to Jacksonville…it was sweet and full of joy…my family feels lucky to have known her…she has created a zone of love at this school.” Teacher and friend Jim Finnegan said, “everyone who walks through the doors of JVE is made to feel welcome by Vicki and feels glad to be here…Miss Vicki makes you feel that you came to the right place… her leaving will leave a big spot to fill in our world.” Finnegan told the students that ten years ago it was Dalton who was a dear friend to him during a personal medical crisis. He told the students that modeling their lives after Miss Vicki was not a bad path to take in life. Parent and PTO member Sandy Metwally thanked Dalton for “always being there for our family” and for proving invaluable help with PTO matters. Teacher Shelly Inman spoke on behalf of all JVE teachers, saying that Miss Vicki had a special touch with students, and was someone the kids could count on when they needed a little extra love and attention. At the conclusion of the 30-minutes assembly, a large group of students flocked toward Miss Dalton and formed an impromptu hugging ring that lasted some time!

Posted November 18, 2013