Victorian Mourning Customs at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House

JACKSONVILLE, OR – The Victorians created elaborate rituals around the passing of a loved one. Death was considered part of life’s texture, giving it essential meaning. Join Historic Jacksonville at the 1873 Beekman House between 11am and 3pm on Saturday or Sunday, October 15 and 16, to explore how Jacksonville’s most prominent pioneer family honored […]

New Housing Development Budding at Stage Pass – by Whitman Parker


A new upscale housing development at the entrance to historic Jacksonville now presents a unique opportunity for those interested in living within the environs of a vineyard setting. The Vineyards at Stage Pass project represents a vision by Stephen Gambee, CEO of Stage Pass Development, Inc. to create […]

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Joie de Vivre – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – June 2015

I love this expression. I have to admit I have a penchant for those expressions in my mother tongue, French. This one touches on a subject close to my heart: Joy. Reconnecting people with their inner joy is my passion and my life’s work.

Besides making your life more enjoyable, Joy is […]

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Funeral Service for Fred Schatz is April 29, 2015

A funeral service for Jacksonville resident and former city councilor Fred Schatz is scheduled for 11:00am Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at the Jacksonville Cemetery. A gathering will follow at the Historic First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville at 405 E California Street.

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Crossing the Final Frontier – by Paula & Terry Erdmann

The Unfettered Critic – April 2015

Two men with irrevocably intertwined lives passed away at the end of February: a world-famous actor, beloved by millions; and a highly successful producer, well known in Hollywood, less familiar to people outside of entertainment circles.

The actor was Leonard Nimoy. He entered the business in l951, performing onstage and onscreen, […]

City Council to Honor Wendt and Smith

At its April 7, 2015 City Council meeting, Jacksonville Mayor Paul Becker will honor Clara Wendt and Larry Smith for their many years of public service. The meeting starts at 6 pm at Old City Hall and the public is invited (as always) to attend and show their support. The brief presentation will be the […]

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Jacksonville Review’s 2014 Victorian Christmas Photo Contest!

Send us your fantastic photos of this year’s Victorian Christmas Parade and Celebration happening over the next three weekends, December 6-21, 2014.

We will post the best of them on Facebook as we receive them – with your name and a description of the photo if provided.

The Prize: The […]

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Brodie Dental Sponsoring Angel Tree Gift Program

Last year, more than 40 businesses in Jackson County participated in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Toy Drive Program that brightened the lives of more than 800 families here in the Rogue Valley.

Thanks to your generousity, children in our commuintiy who might have gone without holiday gifts received them! This year, please join the Brodie […]

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ACCESS Senior Shoebox Project

The annual ACCESS Senior Shoebox Project has kicked off and will be accepting wrapped shoeboxes filled with a variety of fun and usable items until December 5, 2014. The purpose of this project is to bring some good cheer and extra special attention to Jackson County seniors, people with disabilities or shut-ins during the holiday […]

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November Movie Night at Old City Hall

GREAT EXPECTATIONS, our film for November is considered by many to be the greatest adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel ever produced. Starring an impressive British cast, including John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Francis Sullivan, Jean Simmons, Alec Guinness (in his first screen appearance), and Finlay Curry.  GREAT EXPECTATIONS was nominated for five Oscars, winning two […]

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What a Nightmare – by Mayor Paul Becker

A Few Minutes with the Mayor – November 2014

The following scenario has not happened, but with all things possible is certainly worth contemplating…

It took months, but the sale of the old courthouse to the We Operate Efficiently Corporation finally went through. WOE had worked at obtaining the building even before the citizens of Jacksonville became […]

Jacksonville Fire Department Investment Pays Dividends

By Tony Boom for the Mail Tribune
Posted Sep. 3, 2014 @ 5:50 pm

JACKSONVILLE — A fire protection rating of 02 — one short of the best — moves the city into a small group of Oregon firefighting agencies and may lead to a decrease in homeowner’s insurance costs.

Fire Chief Devin Hull announced the new classification, […]

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A Two-Cup Morning – by Courtney Zimmerman

Family Views – September 2014

It’s a two-cup morning,” she said, and off for a refill she went. I followed, because indeed it was.

The mornings after those eternal nights of early parenthood can send us into a tailspin, where everything seems a blur and nothing seems easy. They are the mornings you decide all those mamas […]

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Food & Friends Needs Volunteers!

Food & Friends, the local Meals on Wheels program, is looking for volunteers to help deliver meals to homebound seniors in Jacksonville. Home-delivery drivers usually work one day a week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. In addition to serving a hot, nutritious meal, Food & Friends volunteers provide vital social contact […]

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News From Britt Hill, September 2014 – by Donna Briggs

As I write this, we have just completed the final weekend of the 2014 Classical Festival. Wow! I do believe Teddy saved the best for last. On closing night, Mahler’s piece was simply breathtaking. I mean that literally; I had to remind myself to breath as I sat mesmerized by the powerfully-moving music.

What a whirlwind […]

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The Artist’s Workshop Celebrates 30 Years of Shows!

The Artist’s Workshop is celebrating its 30th Annual Show and Sale at the Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville through August 24. However, the group actually began painting together 49 years ago. As the 50th anniversary of the group’s founding approaches, it seems very fitting to pay tribute to the founding members and share a […]

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Pioneer Profiles: Peter Britt, Part 3 – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

The past two Pioneer Profiles have partially explored the public persona of Peter Britt, the pioneer Swiss photographer famed for documenting Southern Oregon’s people, activities, and landscapes, and father of the region’s commercial orchard, wine, and ornamental horticulture industries.

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Now More Residents Can Run For City Council

The requirement to run for office is now that you must be a City resident for one year before the date of the election.

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“Pony” is for the Birds!

Visitors and residents in Jacksonville, Oregon encounter delightful and eye-catching architecture, design, and artistry at nearly every turn. In a town rich with historic appeal, there are also many modern artists who...

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Visit Southern Oregon Lavender Trail & Festival

The 2014 Festival has come and gone but you can still visit these farms, weekends from 10am-4pm through August!

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Quiet Time for a Lasting State of Happiness – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – July 2014

It’s summer. Guests are coming. Trips are being planned. We are busy planning all the exciting events we can fit into our summer. The first thing we compromise because we are too busy is our self-care routines. We skip workouts, yoga class and meditation, and we can end up with high […]

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Our Crucible of Freedom – by Mayor Paul Becker

A Few Minutes with the Mayor – July 2014

This June marked the 70th anniversary of “D Day,” when a brave and mighty fleet of soldiers landed on Normandy’s beach, where virtually the entire first wave of Americans, 10,000 in all, was annihilated by enemy fire—one of the most difficult missions ever carried-out by our soldiers […]

Publisher’s Take on “Sign-gate”

On June 23, Jacksonville Mayor Paul Becker issued a proclamation regarding the use of “sandwich board” signs...

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“Taste of Summer” Rewind!

Jacksonville was THE place to be on June 7, 2014, as hundreds packed the streets for a day of fun at the annual Taste of Summer festival.

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As Seen on TV: Music at the Britt – by Paula & Terry Erdmann

Maybe you’ve noticed. You’ll be watching the final moments of a television show. Just as the characters arrive at the quintessential pinnacle of dramatic closure, a pop song that isn’t part of the normal background music springs forth. The scene continues without dialogue, using the power of song to enhance the emotions playing out on screen.

Boosters 2014 Home, Garden and History Tour

It’s that time again!—Every two years, the Jacksonville Boosters Club presents its popular tour...

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Britt Announces Schedule for New Performance Garden

The 2014 schedule for Britt’s new performance garden includes a variety of musical events, including concerts...

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Historic Cemetery Memorial Day Meet & Greet May 25 & 26

On Sunday, May 25 and Monday, May 26, volunteers will be in the cemetery to greet families and friends to assist in locating,,,

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May Movie Night a Double Feature!

Movie night at Old City Hall is a DOUBLE FEATURE presentation with two outstanding films representing the detective genre...

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A Short History of Fiestaware – by Pat Montellano

Merchandisers began promoting color as the Depression came to an end. Americans were more than ready to trade in their dark-colored vehicles, clothing and kitchenware and everything took on vivid hues.

The Fine Art of “Art” – by Joelle Graves

When we watch Antiques Roadshow, we all hope that the painting we have in our own garage is the “big” one. Although it could be, 9 times out of 10, it’s not.

SOHS Revisits the 1960’s!

Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss Southern Oregon Historical Society’s new exhibit...

New Managers at Ray’s Market

With more than 50 years of experience between them in the grocery business, Scott South and Darrell Guthrie...

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Herb Quady Retires From Troon Vineyard

After nearly ten years as the head winemaker at Troon Vineyard, Herb Quady announced today that...

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Asante Hospice Seeks Volunteers

The Asante Hospice team needs new hospice volunteers to give companionship to patients and respite ...

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37th-Annual Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show is February 8 & 9

This year's show feature more than 100 showroom-quality customs, classics, hot rods and...

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First Presbyterian Offers “Toddler-2-Teen” Parenting Workshop

It is out of a curious combination of compassion and frustration that we have come together...

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Santa Digs Jacksonville

This week, the archeology team from Southern Oregon University is back excavating new sites along West Main Street and up in the Britt Gardens.

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House of Paws Celebrates 6 Months!

It’s been six months since House of Paws opened their doors and owner Robert Dudley is looking forward...

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UPDATED Jacksonville’s Victorian Christmas 2013 Schedule

Longing for an old fashioned holiday? Then visit Jacksonville the first three weekends in December...

Christmas with the Beekmans!

Celebrate Christmas with the Beekman Family and learn more about the origins of our holiday traditions, and how Christmas...

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Scout Troop Makes History with Food Project

On a chilly November 9th morning, nearly 20 Jacksonville Boy Scout and Eagle Scouts from Troop 17 gathered in the Bigham Knoll...

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Erdmanns Publish Book on Star Trek Trading Cards

Local writers Paula and Terry Erdmann publish new book, "Star Trek: The Topps Original Trading Card Series." about Topps 1976 Star Trek cards...

Donna Briggs Named President & CEO of Britt Festivals

Britt Festivals is proud to announce that Donna Briggs has been named as President and CEO of Britt.

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World Of Wine Announces 2013 Medal Winners

2013 Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival Wine Competition Results

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World of Wine Festival Returns in August

This August, Southern Oregon takes center stage of the Oregon wine industry when the World of Wine Festival returns...

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Why go to WOW?

The 2013 World of Wine Festival is back in Jacksonville from August 21-24 and is a MUST for anyone who enjoys wine, food...

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Speaking of Antiquing – by Margaret Barnes

When it comes to heirlooms, items of value passed from one generation to the next, most people would not expect...

August 11th Fundraiser Event for Sharon Raab

In the early morning of July 16th, Sharon Raab lost her home in Jacksonville to a fire.

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Summer Camp at Hanley Farm!

Let your kids enjoy life on the farm and learn where our food comes from!

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