Cindi Hickey’s Garden – by Kay Faught

My Neighbor’s Garden – September 2014

This month, my “neighbor’s garden” is truly a celebration for me. Not only did I strike it rich with finding a “city chicken garden,” but the gardener, Cindi Hickey, purchased my Blue Door Garden Store on August 12th!

While discussing this column, I naturally thought it would be fun to feature […]

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Carroll Family Garden – by Kay Faught

My Neighbor’s Garden – August 2014

Lisa and Josh Carroll have achieved an amazing goal – providing nearly all of their vegetable needs for the year out of their own garden!   Simply calling their hoop house and huge vegetable space a “garden” is an understatement, though.

Two years ago, Lisa and Josh made the decision to try […]

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Judy’s Secret Garden

My Neighbor’s Garden – July 2014

In the 5+ years I have done this column, this month’s garden is at the top of my favorites list! Judy Hoevet and her husband Ken moved into their home on Laurel Lane three years ago, relocating for the weather and to be closer to family. Although the house was […]

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Wheelbarrow Lane…Re-purposing to Produce the Perfect Blend – by Kay Faught

Ordinarily, my column is about the “style” of a garden. This month, the “style” I encountered was not at all what I expected. It’s amazing to me how gardens “evolve” and how one’s gardening side naturally pops-out. Bonnie Selvitella will be the first to tell you she’s not a gardener.

The Wright Garden – by Kay Faught

It began with a wind chime and bird feeder! Pam Wright moved here last August to her home on 8th Street to get away from “stucco condo” life in Orange County, California.

Celebrating the Gardens of Jacksonville – by Kay Faught

"Each morning, I’m reminded how blessed I am to live in a town surrounded with trees, gardens, flowers, birds, and a slew of gardeners that would rather putter in their gardens than battle the freeways. Jacksonville’s gardens are exciting and varied.."

The Danko Garden – by Kay Faught

This month, I was amazed and delighted by a treasure of a garden that exceeded my expectations. Ron and Aurelie Danko, on South Oregon Street, have a small and unique wedge-shaped lot, on which they built their home with a Tuscan mustard-colored stucco retaining wall surrounding it.

Peggy’s “Bionic Garden” – by Kay Faught

Peggy Peffley has a “bionic garden”...always exploding and taking over!

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Update on the Moir’s Garden – by Kay Faught

Last summer, I wrote about Rick and Michelle Moir's garden—here’s a follow-up!

Blue Door Garden Store Turns 5!

This October marks Kay Faught’s five-year anniversary at Blue Door Garden Store!

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The Wilcox Garden – by Kay Faught

What a pleasure to find a very “individualistic” style of a garden. This month's garden took me on a walk through a forest garden

My Neighbor’s Garden – by Kay Faught

Helen and Ray Forsyth live on Main Street in a home that’s tucked only 50-feet behind...

Lavender Farms of the Applegate Valley – by Kay Faught

We live in an amazingly beautiful area, and I am so pleased to report that our Applegate Valley neighbors have added to that beauty!

The Salvadori’s Secret Garden – by Kay Faught

I usually END my column sharing the gardener’s favorite spot in the garden…

The Kantor’s Hillside Garden – by Kay Faught

Right off the bat, the Kantors had to deal with their Wells Fargo home's hillside grade issues...

Jacksonville’s Newest Garden – By Kay Faught

This month, I visited Leslie Vidal’s garden at her new “old” Jacksonville home...

Gardens at the OSU Extension Center – by Kay Faught

Did you know there are 23 individual gardens for you to view?

Bill and Linda Graham’s Garden – by Kay Faught

Their garden is a fine example of how a subdivision home garden can become a unique, garden oasis.

My Neighbor’s Garden – By Kay Faught

Rick and Michelle Moir decided to experiment with their vegetable garden this year...

A Visit to England’s Gardens – by Kay Faught

Kay's Gorgeous photos of English gardens!

My Neighbor’s Garden – by Kay Faught

One of Jacksonville's most beautiful and truly classic “evergreen and perennial” gardens

Floral Displays at Church – by Kay Faught

This May column is a tribute to the unsung and silent church volunteers...

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Inspiration For Container Gardening – by Kay Faught

Many garden tour devotees know about Mira Wingfield and her garden on Schafer Lane...

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Mr and Mrs. Claus Festive Garden – by Kay Faught

As you may know, Mr. And Mrs. S. Claus have a home in Jacksonville...

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The Cardenas Garden – by Kay Faught

they found our small town with friendly people and deer wandering through front yards...

A Downtown New Garden – by Kay Faught

Josh Sherman and Stephanie Grounds have common hearts when it comes to gardening

The Crabtree’s Modern Garden – by Kay Faught

One reason Kathy and Fred Crabtree moved from Medford, and built this home 3 years ago, was to expand gardening!

Garden of the month – by Kay Faught

Ronit and David Gibb converted their home on South Oregon Street from a trashed “fixer upper” to a garden Mecca that showcases...

Garden of the Month – by Kay Faught

Kim Cox’s and Gene Zieman's garden on Pair-A-Dice Ranch Road is a Van Gogh painting...

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Garden of the Month – by Kay Faught

Kay Faught writes about Cheryl & Fred VonTress' lovely Garden...

The Smith’s Garden – by Kay Faught

Beverly & Neill Smith’s rhodie garden

“Rhododendron… (Ancient Greek rhódon “rose,” déndron “tree”) a genus of over 1000 species of woody plants, the heath family, most with showy flowers… includes the plants known as azaleas.”

…And more than 200 of those species are in Beverly Smith’s […]

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The Parker’s Garden – by Kay Faught

The Parker's "Yarden"

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