Grow Your Mind and Your Garden!

The OSU-Jackson County Master Gardeners™ will host three classes in February from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturdays at the OSU Extension Service Auditorium, 569 Hanley Road, Central Point. The cost of the classes is $15 each; it’s free for certified Master Gardeners. The classes are also eligible for MG recertification. There will be outdoor […]

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Tea Kettle Engine Returns Home

A 10-ton piece of Jacksonville history came rolling home on Saturday, June 14, when the Rogue River Valley Railroad...

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Cemetery Marker Cleaning & Workshop June 21

Cemetery marker cleaning and workshops will resume on Saturday, June 21 from 9:00am until 12noon.

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Carolyn Kingsnorth of Historic Jacksonville, Inc. on FiveOn5

Watch this video from FiveOn5 dated, June 5, 2014 - with Carolyn Kingsnorth of Historic...

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History Saturday on June 14th Features Beekman House Quilt Show

Crazy quilt pillows made by Julia Beekman, a Victorian crazy quilt that once belonged to...

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Pioneer Profiles: Peter Britt, Part 1 – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

It’s Britt season, so what better subject for summer’s Pioneer Profiles than Peter Britt, whose pioneer homestead is now the site of Britt Festivals, the Britt Gardens, and portions of Jacksonville’s Woodlands Trail System. Perhaps best known as the pioneer photographer who documented Southern Oregon’s people, activities, and landscapes from the 1850s to 1900, Peter Britt was also a visionary, a painter, a respected horticulturalist, a vintner...

American Idol Live! Tour comes to Britt August 20th

Britt is proud to announce the addition of the American Idol Live! Tour to the 2014 lineup on Wednesday August 20...

1932 Beekman House Living History Returns!

Beginning Saturday, May 17, Historic Jacksonville, Inc. is reviving the Beekman House 1932 Living History series...

Beekman House Opens Saturday, May 10

Historic Jacksonville, Inc. begins its 2014 season of events at Jacksonville’s 1873 Beekman House with Victorian themed...

American Idol Live! Tour comes to Britt August 20th

Britt is proud to announce the addition of the American Idol Live! Tour to the 2014 lineup on Wednesday August 20...

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Historic Jacksonville, Inc. Bringing Historic Buildings to Life

Historic Jacksonville, Inc., a newly formed non-profit, is making plans for educational programs...

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Volunteers Needed for Cemetery Marker Cleaning

Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery will resume their marker cleaning and workshops starting on Saturday April 19...

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My View, April 2014 – by Whitman Parker

On March 18, the City Council formally voted to move Jacksonville’s city offices to the Historic Courthouse. Although I still believe that city offices are not the highest and best use of the building, I’m now on-board and look forward to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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Video: Spring Pruning at DANCIN Vineyards

DANCIN Vineyards prepares the vines for “spring-shape” by completing the first phase of the double pruning process...

City Going to Court-house

In an unexpected move, the Jacksonville City Council voted 5-1 to move its city offices to the Historic Courthouse...

Stretching Their Pennies at Mustard Seed Cafe

Be sure and check-out the cool, new coin-covered floor just installed at Mustard Seed Cafe!

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SOHS Revisits the 1960’s!

Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss Southern Oregon Historical Society’s new exhibit...

New Managers at Ray’s Market

With more than 50 years of experience between them in the grocery business, Scott South and Darrell Guthrie...

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Spring Cemetery Cleanup Day is March 15th!

The first Community Cemetery Clean-up Day of the year will be held on Saturday, March 15th from 9:00am until 12noon...

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Pioneer Profiles: The Fathers of Jacksonville – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Contrary to local lore, James Clugage and James Pool did not make the initial gold discovery in Southern Oregon. However, they may well deserve credit for triggering the Southern Oregon gold rush of 1852, and they definitely deserve credit for staking claims to what proved to be a different kind of gold mine—the donation land claims that became the City.

Pioneer Profiles: Henry Klippel – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

In the mid-1800s, the promise of gold and free land lured fortune seekers and settlers to the newly formed Oregon Territory. They were soon followed by merchants who amassed their own wealth selling supplies to the miners and farmers. This ongoing series shares the stories of these pioneers and their times. Henry Klippel was one such immigrant.

Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale March 8&9!

The FOJL book sale always has great books for all ages and book sale proceeds help keep our library open for Saturday hours!

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Pressed Glass or Cut Glass – by Margaret Barnes

In the early 1900’s you could scarcely open a newspaper or magazine without seeing an advertisement for Brilliant Cut Glass. In the form of a vase, ice cream dish, a goblet, or fruit bowl, several glass companies wanted the consumer to buy their beautiful cut glass items for the bride or for Christmas gifts.

The Danko Garden – by Kay Faught

This month, I was amazed and delighted by a treasure of a garden that exceeded my expectations. Ron and Aurelie Danko, on South Oregon Street, have a small and unique wedge-shaped lot, on which they built their home with a Tuscan mustard-colored stucco retaining wall surrounding it.

My View, March 2014 – by Whitman Parker

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve talked about the incredible volunteers making Jacksonville a wonderful place to live. At the Review, I’m fond of saying, “the ‘V’ in Jacksonville is for “volunteer!” On February 18, I was thrilled when Mayor Paul Becker presented Dirk Siedlecki with the 2013 “Person of the Year” award.

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Team Jacksonville Firefighters Preparing for Stairclimb

On March 9, four members of the Jacksonville Fire Department will participate in the annual...

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ACCESS-Cover Oregon Team Adds Jacksonville Town Hall

Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for Jacksonville Library on March 15th!

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The Tail of the Snake – By Kate Ingram

I hate snakes. Hate is a strong word, but there it is. So imagine my excitement this time last year when we entered the year of the Black Water Snake. I knew it was going to be a wild ride, and not just because I hate snakes: I knew it because a year whose symbolic energy is turmoil and transformation ain’t going to be easy. Your best shot is to embrace your inner Bette Davis and croak, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy year.”

Strengthening Your Foundation – by Louise Lavergne

If you are already off track with your New Year intentions, your foundation may need some work. Our bodies are exquisitely designed with a map of energy centers, referred to as Chakras, that can help us be aware of what needs our attention...

Love Your Landscape – by Adam Haynes

One of my favorite focal points in any landscape is the trees. Like me, the sheer number of trees is most likely one of your favorite things about living in Jacksonville...

Pretty in Pink – by Joelle Graves

Pink Depression glass; pink custard glass; pink dishes; pink linens—anything pink! Pink is a beautiful color to decorate with when combined with other vibrant colors of the season. February, of course, lends itself to decorating with pink...

“Best of Britt” Benefit Features Ukulele Master Jake Shimabukuro

The “Best of Britt” will be Thursday, June 26 on the Britt hill, and will feature...

Carefree Buffalo To Have New Home Soon

The Building at 150 W. California Street is going to be returned to its original glory by its owners ...

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Lions Club Gives Back

Each year, the Lions Club donates dozens of stuffed animals to the fire and police department who use them to comfort children during difficult times...

Rising Stars Competition at South Stage Cellars!

The third Rising Stars competition returns to South Stage Cellars each Saturday in February...

Breaking News: Peter Britt Barn Discovered-See Video!

Peter Britt's barn unearthed at Britt Hill construction site...Chelsea Rose and her SOU archeology team unearth buried treasure!

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February Movie Night a Double Feature

The show begins at 7:00pm at Old City Hall on Friday, February 21st. Doors open at 6:30pm.

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2014 Chinese New Year Celebration Schedule

SOCCA 2014 CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION - YEAR OF THE HORSE - Saturday, February 8, 2014 in Jacksonville, Oregon.

The Decision – by Michael Kell

Nothing cuts to the quick of reality faster than burying the young. For one brief moment time slows down enough for us to come up out of this world’s ether and see life in its natural state; brief and fragile, precious and final. No exchanges, no returns.

2014 Real Estate Market: The Year of the Repeat Buyer – by Graham Farran

2014 looks to be the year of the “repeat home buyer,” as interest rates rise and home prices increase—worsening affordability will discourage some first time home buyers. These won’t be the only changes as foreclosures slow, inventory stabilizes and the process of getting a mortgage becomes less hectic.

A New Year with New Beginnings – by Mayor Paul Becker

New Year’s Eve 2013 marked the end of my third year as mayor, an occupation which seemed most improbable to me when growing up—it was a different world back then. This thought crossed my mind while recently watching an old Hopalong Cassidy film...

My View, February 2014 – by Whitman Parker

Welcome to the Year of the Horse! As we’ve been doing for nearly six years now, this issue of the Review is packed with news and information on what’s happening in our little corner of the world...

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Applegate Valley Cats to Perform at J’ville Library

Enjoy an entertaining musical performance by the Applegate Valley Cats on Sunday, February 2...

City Councilor Dan Winterburn Resigns Council Seat

At the January 21 City Council meeting, Council President David Jesser informed council that...

Southern Oregon Wines Win Big in San Francisco!

At this year’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, these local, Southern Oregon wineries took home medals!

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Teddy Abrams Announces the 2014 Britt Classical Festival!

I am very excited to share the 2014 season of the Britt Classical Festival with you! As you know...

Rhythm Kings to Play at Valentine’s Day Dance!

If you’re looking for something really fun and different to do for Valentine’s Day, head to the Bigham Knoll Campus Ballroom...

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Lions Club Presents Check to Scouts

At their January 2, 2014 meeting, Jacksonville Lions presented a check for $150 to Boy Scout Troop 7 for helping the Lions Club...

MacLevin’s to Close

In an email released today, Jeff and Penelope Levin of MacLevin’s Whole Foods Eaterie announced, “to all our friends...our last day to be open will be December 29th.

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Celebrating Miss Vicki’s “Zone of Love”

In a heartwarming retirement send-off ceremony, staff, parents and students gathered in the Jacksonville Elementary...