One of Jacksonville’s time-honored traditions is the upcoming Victorian Christmas celebration, running from the parade on December 2nd to December 23rd.

During the festivities, locals and visitors in the historic downtown core are treated to the voices of Christmas and holiday carols, presented by an all-volunteer group of local singers.

This year, caroling group leader Jake Hershey is looking for new faces and voices to join their ranks. Jake, along with his wife and daughter are familiar faces to anyone who’s enjoyed the sounds of on-street hymns and carols in past years. Jake notes that the group is looking for 3 to 8 volunteer singers to join their ranks after several members needed to retire or relocated after last year’s season. The group has one rehearsal at Jake’s house on Nov 19th (please call for details, 541-899-5225) and then simply meets up on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm during Victorian Christmas at the corner of 3rd and California Streets. The members’ Victorian-era costumes are a vital part of their presence and Jake has a few pieces to loan-out. Plus, more attire can be rented from long-term caroler Anne Wilton’s costume rental shop at 258 A Street in Ashland (541-708-6562). On a typical weekend day during Victorian Christmas, the carolers sit or stand in a favorite spot, singing a variety of holiday favorites, including “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “Silver Bells.” Sheet music is provided to all members, making memorizing all songs unnecessary!

For information on joining the fun and sharing your caroling enthusiasm with Jacksonville locals and visitors, please contact Jake at or 541-899-5225.