Handmade. Handcrafted. Hand-Created! At Jacksonville’s Carefree Buffalo, visitors will find a collection of functional artisan masterpieces, from the world’s finest pocket knives to incredible leather and high-density microfiber jackets, from gorgeous ceramics to unique reading glasses, from exquisite purses to precision crafted clocks. “We admire products that personify uniqueness, creative artistry, clever engineering, and phenomenal quality,” owner Joe Surges says. “These are the elements that we dial in on. Our collection personifies excellence in American manufacturing. We cater to local clients as well as to all tourists. The store is a stunning jewelry box of treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

“We have a full time buyer who helps research and secure unparalleled products,” notes Joe. “And our passionate, educated, and dedicated staff extends VIP service to every client. Everyone who enters gets their own personal Store Guide, because each product has a very interesting and unique story that deserves to be told. By greeting people as they enter, we can represent our artists, and proudly discuss and display their creations. We also love pets, so we carry the finest pet foods available, and welcome all pets into our store to visit our K-9 Cantina.

“Our buyer has spent nearly two decades assembling the collection now on display,” he continues. “Over the years, our product lines have evolved to absolutely outstanding status. We work with our artisans on a one-on-one basis, often using our own designs, so customers will find items that are exclusive to our store, and won’t be found anywhere else in the world.”

Joe began his career as an Aerospace Engineer. It was love of precision design that drew him to create a store where exceptional engineering, design, and function would dictate the products. “We found collections of artisan goods we desired, from William Henry Knives and Remy Leather, to uplifting gifts and rare treasures,” he says. “William Henry, for example, creates pocket knives with blades that are forged with hundreds of stainless steel layers, like a samurai sword. The knife scales are assembled from woolly mammoth tooth, or fossil brain coral, or four-billion-year-old meteorite. Just sourcing the blade and frame materials turns creating a knife into a multi-year project. William Henry also creates exquisite writing instruments, money clips, men’s and women’s jewelry—all using only the finest techniques.”

Whether you’re looking for art created locally in Jacksonville, like realistic, hand-carved wildlife sculptures by Brad Snodgrass, or one-of-a kind jewelry by Thom Gregg, Carefree Buffalo has something to please everyone. “We have items for men, women, children, your home, and even your pet,” Joe Surges says. “Because we want everyone to discover something special and incredible”