Each summer Rogue Valley families open their homes and their hearts to music. Begun in 1963, the Britt Classical Festival host family program is one of the best “behind the scenes” stories at Britt. Over 100 musicians are housed by the community for three weeks every August, and many of them are right here in Jacksonville.

Musicians are responsible for their own transportation and meals during their stay. Hosts provide a place to sleep (and a place to practice).

While the arrangements are for one three-week period, the bonds of friendship forged during the Britt Classical Festival often lead to long-term associations between hosts and musicians.

The host family program is like a big extended family for the Britt Orchestra and each August is like a three-week family reunion.

Britt is still in need of a few hosts for this summer! Please see the Britt web site at brittfest.org for more information, or contact Vivienne Grant at orchestrahousing@brittfest.org.

Posted June 5, 2014