News From Britt Hill – December 2017/January 2018

For the past 55 years, Britt Music and Arts Festival has been providing our community with world-class music in our beautiful outdoor venue. In 2014, we brought you the new Performance Garden and ADA accessible pathways. In 2017, we introduced new concessions featuring local eateries, providing you with tasty food options. We have great plans to improve your Britt Experience in 2018 and beyond, and need your support to do so. We are already booking an incredible line-up for 2018 and moving forward with more vital improvements on the Hill.

Over the years, members have suggested that we simplify our membership program. In particular, the cumbersome ticket order form. In 2018, we are moving away from complicated ticket discounts, shifting instead to a credit program. This approach simplifies the ticket ordering process while providing you with clear benefits and more tax deductibility for your contribution.

Another change to come is in response to artist management’s insistence on earlier announcements, as well as member feedback asking us to announce concerts earlier. Although we cannot announce the full season early due to the timing of bookings, in 2018 Britt will be making multiple announcements. These earlier announcements will take place in January for the Orchestra and February, March and April for the popular music shows. We hope this new schedule will help you plan your summers earlier.

Join or renew your membership today! You might even consider giving a Britt Membership as a Christmas gift. Memberships start at $50. Also, think about sponsoring a new seat as a Christmas gift for a loved one. A seat sponsorship will include a plaque with a personal inscription that will be attached to the seat backrests for a full decade. Sponsorships start at $250. Another opportunity that might appeal to you is a simple Gift Certificate for 2018 concert tickets or tickets to our Valentine Gala. See ad this page.

As a non-profit organization, we need the support of the community to survive. Ticket sales support less than 60% of our operating expenses. Your contribution helps us bring incredible artists to the Britt stage in a variety of genres, reach more students with music education programs, and support your Britt Orchestra. Please join us! Support Britt at the highest level possible, and help us continue the Magic of the Britt Experience in 2018 and beyond.