My View – November 2016

In my last column, I presented the case for re-electing Mayor Paul Becker, a candidate with vision, leadership and proven results. As you know, I’ve attended nearly every council meeting, where I’ve personally witnessed both mayoral candidates in action. Having chosen to stay positive in this election and avoid going negative, trust me when I say that Paul Becker is the best choice for mayor. And although I’m hearing some chatter that “change” is needed in city government, changing our mayor is not a solution. “Change for the sake of change” is nothing more than a bumper sticker slogan.

Every current City Councilor (except his opponent) has endorsed Mayor Becker—a testament to his trustworthiness and ability. Scores of community leaders from every volunteer group working for the betterment of town have endorsed him, as well.

On other matters of great importance, I also urge you to vote YES on city measures 142 & 143—both of which prohibit the establishment of certain marijuana-related businesses inside the city limits.

Another measure worth approving is measure 164, the Rogue Valley Heritage District, which will generate county-wide resources for heritage sites. For about $8/year/household, 164 will help support historic properties including Jacksonville’s own Beekman Bank and Beekman House. With our property values partly tied to our National Historic Landmark status, supporting 164 makes good economic sense if nothing else.

I wish you post-election peace… and a Happy Thanksgiving in Our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!

Featured image above is of Mayor Paul Becker with Publisher, Whitman Parker. Photo by Ken Gregg.