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On Finding Inspiration…Again! – by Whitman Parker

My View – March 2017

Just before press deadline, I bumped into a longtime Review columnist who admitted, “I’m struggling…all I have is writers block and I’m not sure about writing my column this month!” After a nice chat, I discovered that I too had caught the dreaded writers block “bug.” The chat also left little […]

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Make it a Great Year – by Whitman Parker

My View – February 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, Jacksonville! On the Chinese zodiac chart, 2017 is the “Year of the Rooster.” In this issue, you’ll find a full schedule of the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association Chinese New Year celebration on pages 38-39. With a dedicated team of volunteers, SOCCA will once again bring us […]

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Post-Election Peace

My View – December 2016/January 2017

I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays and post-election peace! Here at “Review HQ,” the last few months have been nothing short of exhilarating and exhausting, making the prospect of slowing down a bit to enjoy holiday festivities even better this year. This is our December/January offering, the one time […]

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Becker Best Choice for Mayor- by Whitman Parker

My View – November 2016

In my last column, I presented the case for re-electing Mayor Paul Becker, a candidate with vision, leadership and proven results. As you know, I’ve attended nearly every council meeting, where I’ve personally witnessed both mayoral candidates in action. Having chosen to stay positive in this election and avoid […]

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Let’s Re-Elect Mayor Becker! – by Whitman Parker

My View – October 2016

For reasons outlined here, I wholeheartedly endorse Mayor Becker and ask that you join me in re-electing him. In this election cycle, the mayor’s seat and three council seats are open. On the Council side, incumbents Criss Garcia and David Jesser, along with Steve Casaleggio are running unopposed—all are excellent candidates. […]

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Jacksonville’s “Crowning Glory” Once Again – by Whitman Parker

The Jackson County Courthouse which stands proudly at 206 N. 5th Street was constructed in 1883-1884 and served as the seat of county government until 1927. The two-story building is a wood frame structure made of brick and stone, constructed on the former site of Jacksonville’s Masonic Lodge. The building is in the “Italianate,” style, […]

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Vote YES to Prohibit Pot Shops – by Whitman Parker

My View – September 2016

This month, let me get right to the point—please join me in voting YES on two ballot measures to ban marijuana shops in the city limits. On page 18, you’ll find excerpted copies of the measures as they will appear on your November General Election ballot. I can’t understate the importance […]

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New Housing Development Budding at Stage Pass – by Whitman Parker


A new upscale housing development at the entrance to historic Jacksonville now presents a unique opportunity for those interested in living within the environs of a vineyard setting. The Vineyards at Stage Pass project represents a vision by Stephen Gambee, CEO of Stage Pass Development, Inc. to create […]

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Politics… at a Very Local Level – by Whitman Parker

My View – August 2016

Unless you’re living under a rock, you can’t help but notice this is “political” season in America! In the coming weeks, the mass media barrage will be in full-force as candidates vying for national, state and local offices hijack the airwaves and internet to convince us to vote “their way.”

Here in […]

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Local Men Honor Veterans, One Mile at a Time

In April, 2016, Rogue Valley residents Ken Snelling, Terry Rasmussen and Bill Anderberg, teamed-up to participate in the Face of America Ride, one of the largest annual non-competitive bicycle rides in the nation. With more than 600 riders, including nearly 135 injured veterans, the event draws and inspires thousands more participants, spectators and supporters.

In 2017, […]

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Summer in the City…Small Town – by Whitman Parker

My View – July 2016

Welcome to summer in the city…make that summer in the small town! Now that the Britt concert season is in full-swing and town is hopping with locals and visitors out and about, this is a great time of year to enjoy all that Jacksonville… and the Rogue Valley has to offer.

From […]

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The Pot Farm Next Door – How it Happened Here – by Whitman Parker

My View – May 2016

The city’s delay to expand its Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has resulted in an unintended consequence with a marijuana farm being established just east of the city limits. This photo, taken the week of April 20, shows a fence being erected around a one-acre section of a larger, 30-acre parcel of […]

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Take a Hike… – by Whitman Parker

My View – April 2016

This month, our pages are overflowing with “what-to-do” hiking articles that will guide you to the best trail systems in Southern Oregon. Located in our own backyard and within minutes of town, we are literally surrounded by hiking trails, managed and maintained by the Jacksonville Woodlands Association, Forest Park Trails Association, […]

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Sounding the Alarm – Town Hall Scheduled – by Whitman Parker

My View – March 2016

At its first meeting this year, the Jacksonville Budget Committee sounded the alarm about financial stress our public safety program faces in future budget years. For now, town finances are fine, but may not be be so fine starting in 2018. To gather public input, the City Council has scheduled a […]

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Jacksonville Going to Pot… I Hope Not! – by Whitman Parker

My View – February 2016

When expressing My View, it’s always penned with a deliberate “end in-mind,” intent that what’s expressed will make a difference and possibly shape public policy. On that note, I’d like to share my thoughts on a matter of utmost importance that will impact Jacksonville’s future—marijuana.

On January 5 at its first meeting […]

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Landon Moir – Creating a Peaceful Path

Landon Moir of Jacksonville is a thoughtful young man who gives us reason to have faith in future generations. Following the family tradition, the 15-year-old freshman at Cascade Christian High School, is working on his Eagle Scout project—the creation of a community prayer and meditation pathway on the grounds of Jacksonville Presbyterian Church.

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What a Year! – by Whitman Parker

My View – December 2015/January 2016

As the year comes to a close, I’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Looking back on 2015, I must admit it’s been a very productive, interesting, mostly fun and very busy year. On a sadder note, it’s also been a year that saw the […]

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2015 Volunteers of the Year! – by Whitman Parker

For 2015, it’s my sincere privilege to name and honor Rob Buerk and Steve Casaleggio as the Review’s Volunteers of the Year! Rob and Steve are driving forces behind the continued success of the Jacksonville Boosters Club and formed the leadership team that oversaw the restoration of the Peter Britt Gardens. In addition to club […]

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With Gratitude – by Whitman Parker

My View – November 2015

As fall colors abound, much of our attention now turns toward celebrating the holidays, making this a good time to express my gratitude for those who make the Jacksonville Review possible. With an incredible team of volunteer contributors, Andrea and I are able to produce a magazine reflective of everyday life […]

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Chilean Thoughts on a Chilly Fall Morning – by Whitman Parker

My View – October 2015

Up until a few minutes ago, as I was channel-surfing to find the Oregon Ducks game on television, I thought this column was in the can. Not so fast, I said to myself as coverage of the Chilean earthquake appeared on-screen. Had I not seen the coverage, this column would have […]

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On Vision, Action and Collaboration – by Whitman Parker

My View – September 2015

At times, living and working in a small town brings unusual challenges that end-up producing extraordinary and unexpected results.

Reflecting back to early 2008, Jacksonville was stuck in the grips of a national economic recession that was taking a toll on businesses, large and small. It was the same year I took […]

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Let’s Live Here! – by Whitman Parker

My View – August 2015

As a publisher, I spend a fair amount of my time out and about walking and talking with locals and visitors – getting a feel for things on the ground is a part of my job and something I enjoy. Discussion topics run the gamut from family affairs to politics and […]

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Pastor Larry Jung: Celebrating 30 Years of Community & Church Service – by Whitman Parker

This year marks a milestone for Jacksonville Presbyterian Church as Pastor Larry Jung celebrated 30 years leading the church.

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My View, July 2015 – by Whitman Parker

I just sat down to pen this column on a sunny Saturday morning, one day before the Summer Solstice. The weather is perfect so the office door is wide open, allowing the sights and sounds of Jacksonville to flood-in. Just now, I caught a glimpse of two 18-wheelers cruising by— not the normal gravel or […]

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Jacksonville, a Bargain at $1.84 – by Whitman Parker

My View – June 2015

After sitting through the first meeting of “budget season,” it occurred to me that living in Jacksonville is a “bargain.” Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t like paying taxes any more than the next guy and certainly expect public employees to take their duties seriously by never wasting public money.

However, […]

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Fun is in the Air – by Whitman Parker

My View – May 2015

It’s the time of year when the pages of the Review and our online calendars are filling-up with fun things to do as fast as our local wineries are running their bottling lines. With summer upon us, there’s a host of not-to-be-missed events and activities you’ll read about in this issue.

This […]

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Trailing Thoughts from the Hiking Capital of Southern Oregon – by Whitman Parker

My View – April 2015

I’m at my desk typing this column—on a perfect spring day—thinking I should be taking a long walk on one of the Jacksonville Woodlands trails instead! It’s one of those days when it’s a shame to be indoors when there’s so much to see and do outside.

As I strolled into work […]

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On Gaining Perspective… – by Whitman Parker

My View – March 2015

Last month, I had a 5-day “hall pass” to get out of town with my wife, Jo. Our trip to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show was primarily a jewelry buying trip for Jo’s in-town shop, but since I have family in Arizona, it also provided a […]

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Roots of a Great Cause

When I met Daniel and Matthew Root early on a November Saturday morning to interview them for this piece, I was immediately impressed with their demeanor and attitude…these guys didn’t possess the usual “teenage” vibe I run across all the time. Instead, I found myself face-to-face with two young men who looked me in the […]

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My View, December 2014/January 2015 – by Whitman Parker

It’s hard to believe this is the final issue of 2014…I’m wondering where the year has gone! I’d like to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and express my sincere thanks to our readers, contributors and advertisers for helping make this our best year ever! As with every issue, my Production […]

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My View, November 2014 – by Whitman Parker

This fall has been an exciting time in Jacksonville. In the midst of it all, it’s also election season and the Review sponsored the City Council Candidate Forum, which drew a full house of interested voters! Thanks to Carolyn Kingsnorth for doing an outstanding job of moderating the forum. After 8:00pm on Election Day, you’ll […]

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Publisher Picks for City Council – by Whitman Parker

My View – October 2014

This is City Council election season in Jacksonville—ballots for the November, 2014 General Election will be mailed-out by Jackson County Elections Division on October 17.

Mark your calendars for October 16, from 6:00–7:30pm, when the Jacksonville Review will host a “Meet the Candidates Forum” at the Naversen Room at the Library—Jacksonville voters […]

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My View, September 2014 – by Whitman Parker

Wow, What a Summer!—Several people/groups deserve our thanks for helping make this a fun and interesting summer: Donna Briggs and her team at Britt Festivals for an outstanding season, Maestro Teddy Abrams whose non-stop energy and enthusiasm reignited the Britt Classical Festival and helped set attendance records, Angela Warren, Britt’s Director of Performing Arts, the […]

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On the Importance of Timing and Experts – by Whitman Parker with Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – August 2014

On a bright Friday morning in early May, I was standing in-line alongside Joelle Graves surrounded by others waiting to get inside a local estate sale. This time, it was the estate of Marjorie Edens, one of Jacksonville’s most beloved residents who had recently passed away, years before her time.

Bumping […]

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My View, August 2014 – by Whitman Parker

Although I could fill this page with commentary related to Jacksonville politics, I thought I’d give it a rest for a month and talk about something far more interesting and fun—the Britt Classical Season, now in full-swing.

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My View, July 2014 – On the Right Track!

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to a few friends for their vision, leadership and contributions to our community—Mel & Brooke Ashland, Rob Buerk, Steve Casaleggio and Donna Briggs.

Rob Buerk & Steve Casaleggio Rob Buerk & Steve Casaleggio

In the […]

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Calling All Candidates for City Council

If you’re considering running for one of 3 open seats in the November, 2014 election, NOW is the time to get started ...

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Publisher’s Take on “Sign-gate”

On June 23, Jacksonville Mayor Paul Becker issued a proclamation regarding the use of “sandwich board” signs...

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Mayor Becker Issues Proclamation

On June 23, Mayor Paul Becker issued a “proclamation,” effectively permitting downtown business owners...

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Tea Kettle Engine Returns Home

A 10-ton piece of Jacksonville history came rolling home on Saturday, June 14, when the Rogue River Valley Railroad...

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“Taste of Summer” Rewind!

Jacksonville was THE place to be on June 7, 2014, as hundreds packed the streets for a day of fun at the annual Taste of Summer festival.

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Britt Seeking Host Families in Jacksonville

Each summer Rogue Valley families open their homes and their hearts to music. Begun in 1963, the Britt Classical Festival host family...

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Carolyn Kingsnorth of Historic Jacksonville, Inc. on FiveOn5

Watch this video from FiveOn5 dated, June 5, 2014 - with Carolyn Kingsnorth of Historic...

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Volunteers Tackle Last Minute Jobs on Britt Hill

An army of 70+ volunteers from the Britt Society descended on Britt Hill on June 8 for a day-long project...

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Sunday Jacksonville Farmers Market Now Open for the 2014 Season!

Now in its fourth year, the Jacksonville Farmers Market has become a hit with locals who appreciate the freshest farm...

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Celebrate Summer Volunteers! – by Whitman Parker

It’s now “summer in the city” as the pace of our small town life picks-up and town bustles with events and activities galore! From the Taste of Summer Celebration, incredible Britt concerts on the Hill, the Historic Home and Garden Tour, to our charming Farmers Market and so much more, this is high season and our time in the sun.

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Search & Rescue Team Conducting Exercises in Downtown Jacksonville

On Friday, May 30, members of the Jackson County Search and Rescue Team will be...

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My View, May 2014 – by Whitman Parker

Can you feel the buzz in the air…the energy as our micro-town emerges from its winter slumber? This month and all summer long, there are so many events and positive things happening—thanks to great people who are making a difference.

Starting in May, anyone interested in history is in for a treat as multiple seasonal events […]

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My View, April 2014 – by Whitman Parker

On March 18, the City Council formally voted to move Jacksonville’s city offices to the Historic Courthouse. Although I still believe that city offices are not the highest and best use of the building, I’m now on-board and look forward to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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My View, March 2014 – by Whitman Parker

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve talked about the incredible volunteers making Jacksonville a wonderful place to live. At the Review, I’m fond of saying, “the ‘V’ in Jacksonville is for “volunteer!” On February 18, I was thrilled when Mayor Paul Becker presented Dirk Siedlecki with the 2013 “Person of the Year” award.

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