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Kenda-Swartz-Pepper-ContributorWhen she’s not working, volunteering, fiddling about the garden, photographing nature, being a pollinactivist, blogging about social and environmental justice, or pawning her eco-children’s book, Kenda, a former Monarch butterfly docent, gets her kicks hanging with her husband, her dog, and the pollineighbors.

10 Ways This Plant Can Improve Your Life – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – April 2017

We pull them, mow them, dig them, stomp them, spray them, shout at them, and lament how they are a nuisance in our lives.


An underappreciated and underutilized plant in our society, the dandelion in the Asteraceae (aster or sunflower) family, is one of the most nutrient-packed foods on earth and […]

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The Little Mason Bee and Me – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – March 2017

At first I thought they were flies. Tiny, black, wings. Two of them I found legs-up in the windowsill. They were swept away with nary a thought. Until I saw another one on the floor. The dustbuster was poised to devour this third creature when something caught my eye. Movement. […]

There’s No Place Like a Neonicotinoid-free Home – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – February 2017

Jacksonville was bursting with magic that brisk December evening. White lights and pine swags, staples of a vintage Christmas, on each door and window beckoned passersby indoors for cozy warmth. The scent of holiday charm filled the air.

I walked into old city hall, sat, and anxiously waited to deliver my […]

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Busy Bees Thriving – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – December 2016/January 2017

In October, two girlfriends swept me away to a swank resort in Arizona for an early milestone (more like mileboulder) birthday celebration. I felt loved and pampered. Miravel offers top-notch service with fine accommodations and accoutrements tending to all of life’s comforts. Evening landscapes are replete with stunning high-desert […]

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Fall for Pollinators – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – November 2016

He looked like something out of the cartoons, a dazzling green blubbery caricature of himself. Given his lazy, lumbering gait, this little guy was in no hurry to get to his destination.

I inspected him closely, intrigued by his suction cup feet, the wrinkles in the fern-green folds of his skin, […]

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Jacksonville to Become the Most Bee-Friendly Town in Southern Oregon? – by Kenda Swartz Pepper

Love Thy Pollineighbor – October 2016

I was walking downtown one bright mid-July afternoon and came upon a bee in the middle of 3rd Street. She was on her back spinning frenetically. I reached down and as her little legs grasped my pinky, I wondered, “Was she battling the residual effects of a recent mosquito spray?” […]

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