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Joelle GravesJoelle Graves is the owner of Sterling Creek Antiques located at 150 South Oregon Street in Jacksonville, Oregon. Visit her website at www.sterlingcreekantiques.com.

The Power of the Internet – by Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – December 2014/January 2015

Every day, someone comes into Sterling Creek Antiques and shows me a picture or describes an item they hope I will appraise at a high value! Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that I’m just as happy teaching someone how to value their […]

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Estate Planning and Antiques: Do They Go Together? – by Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – October 2014

Having had a background in Fundraising and Major Gifts, I quickly became acquainted with the process of Estate Planning. When meeting with donors, I’d inevitably discover a household full of treasured purchases, either bought by the residents or inherited. Oftentimes, parents would ask me how to plan ahead and who […]

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Collecting “Britt” – by Joelle Graves

I bet you have something “Britt” in your house, like a poster. Britt posters adorn the walls of the Bella Union going back to the 1960’s. The Jacksonville Inn has collected autographed posters from the days of the Festivals within a Festival—Jazz Festival; Dance Festival and more. Jacksonville Elementary School has several framed posters adorning their...

The Fine Art of “Art” – by Joelle Graves

When we watch Antiques Roadshow, we all hope that the painting we have in our own garage is the “big” one. Although it could be, 9 times out of 10, it’s not.

Pretty in Pink – by Joelle Graves

Pink Depression glass; pink custard glass; pink dishes; pink linens—anything pink! Pink is a beautiful color to decorate with when combined with other vibrant colors of the season. February, of course, lends itself to decorating with pink...

A Very Personal Story – by Joelle Graves

It was one of those quiet days here in the shop when I wasn’t really sure whether I would have any business or not...

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