The Arts are fundamental to our humanity; they ennoble and inspire us, fostering creativity, goodness and beauty. The arts help us express our values and build bridges between cultures, bringing us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age.

University of Pennsylvania researchers have proven that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to greater civic engagement and stronger social cohesion. What’s more, there is a demonstrated, positive connection between a thriving local economy and the existence of art.

Art Presence is well into its fourth year as an upscale, juried Art Center in the old County Jail. We thank the City of Jacksonville for its tremendous initial and ongoing support, especially for Tom’s ever-ready help with maintenance.

We are now 37 artist-members strong, with 17 local authors.

We are committed to providing this community with access to every possible artistic experience. We have become established and recognized throughout the Rogue Valley and Jackson and Josephine Counties. Art Presence is thriving!

Jacksonville now has everything needed to continue to be a premiere destination in Southern Oregon for Tourism: History, Wine, Music, and Art. Thank you for your continued support of Art Presence.


Anne Brooke Hawkins