Valley Cats

Applegate Valley Cats

Prowl with the Applegate Valley Cats

Jacksonville, Oregon (January 17, 2014) – Enjoy an entertaining musical performance by the Applegate Valley Cats on Sunday, February 2, from 2-3 p.m., in the Naversen Room of the Jacksonville Branch Library, 340 West “C” Street. Please use the California Street entrance.

Recently introduced to this area, a Valley Cat is a two-legged mammal that can be found singing, or playing bass or guitar or keyboard, in groups of three or four, most typically in a jazz or popular style, with occasional forays into the highbrow world of classical music.

The Valley Cats are cool cats indeed! The group consists of a professional singer and has-been innkeeper, Kristi Cowles; a nimble-fingered bass/guitarist, has-been linguist, and unemployed builder, Clint Driver; a former lawyer and current glass artist that moonlights as a soprano, when necessary, Mary Driver; and a fledgling keyboardist and has-been lawyer, Priscilla Weaver. With these cats, there is bound to be lots of fun accompanying their great music.

This special benefit performance, to sustain Saturday open hours for the library, is sponsored by the Jacksonville Friends of the Library. A contribution of $5 would be appreciated. For more information, please call the Jacksonville Branch Library at 541-899-1665 or visit

Posted January 22, 2014