Joyfull Living – June 2017

Anger can be an instinctual response to protect ourselves, like a dog’s growling and barking response. It can push us to take action to change what doesn’t feel good, help us to set boundaries, and if handled with care, can even be a healthy way of letting-off steam and frustration. But it can also become a disempowering habit we jump to whenever we feel afraid or insecure that keeps us stuck in victim mode. Recklessly dumping our anger onto others is abusive and when our anger escalates to rage it can becomes dangerous, even toxic. When anger shows up it is usually a sign that we are out of alignment with our Truth. It’s a call out for peace.

Anger and Your Liver—Our body is always showing us the impact of our emotions. The main organ that relates to anger is the liver, so if you go on any detox regimens or diets, it can trigger unresolved anger to come out. You will have better and more lasting results if you make time for inner self-care as well. In meditation, we slow down the breath so our mind can align with our peaceful heart. This creates a healing environment in all the systems of the body. It can also support you to be open to the healing opportunity of anger or frustration that comes up. From that place your emotions also become a powerful GPS system, but if you let it build up, the stress of negative emotions can become a wrecking ball on your health and your life.

The Liver Delivers—Your liver works hard to keep metabolic processes running smoothly. It is the body’s physical and emotional filter. Its job is to filter toxins as well as resentments and unresolved conflicts. It is extremely important to take good care of this amazing organ to feel good physically and emotionally. Many people experience an easier time feeling peaceful once their liver function improves and liver function improves greatly when we cultivate inner peace.

If you are prone to anger, you may want to pay special attention to your liver. One simple thing you can do to keep your liver and yourself happy is to start your morning off with warm or room temperature water with the juice of half a fresh lemon—this helps flush toxins, lowers inflammation, boosts your digestive system and improves liver function. Eating avocados and cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts) is also beneficial. So too is moving your body and making time for inner peace!!

When a person is throwing up their emotions in anger at you:

Practice compassion. Remind yourself that the person is in pain.

Slow down your breathing and create as much peace as you can in your body and mind. This helps you resist defending, engaging or fueling the other person’s anger (or trigger yours).

Take responsibility for your part. Make a concentrated effort to reply in a calm voice and apologize. Saying, “I’m sorry you feel this way….” helps the other person feel heard.

Sometimes there is nothing you can say to make it right and the only thing you can do is to kindly remove yourself from the situation.

Remember when you get angry, practice taking 3 deep breaths immediately, and drink some water (with lemon if you can).

Anger is very contagious. It is our biggest challenge in creating world peace.

As I get older it becomes easier to let go of the need to be right. My truth doesn’t need another person’s approval. It’s also a good idea to practice not judging our truth as better than anyone else’s. It’s not always easy to do—it’s a practice that can alleviate a lot of stress and create a healthier and more joy-full life.

Peace is priceless and for me always has more value than being right in the eyes of another. A great departing word for me is, “Namaste, the light in me honors the light in you. Peace to you and to ALL.”

To support you this month, we are continuing with a focus on the liver, adrenals and detox yoga techniques in all the JoyFull Yoga classes with special Sound Healing & yoga on Saturdays at 10:00am. JoyFull Yoga classes (Wednesday 10:00am; Friday 9:30am) also include a dynamic movement meditation to encourage circulation to help move toxins out of the body, as well as improve brain, heart and lung function.