A Cup of Conversation

Old Jim – by Michael Kell

I first met Old Jim back in the early nineties when commercial Jacksonville was struggling to survive. The only enterprise with consistent lines out the door throughout the year was Loaves and Fishes, the community food kitchen next door serving hundreds of seniors every week.

Words – by Michael Kell

Words are powerful. Words hold the course of life and death, redemption and judgment. Words are the molecular building blocks of creation and human interaction. Words seal transactions, heal transgressions and are more potent than destiny...

Growing Old – by Michael Kell

One key to growing old gracefully is limiting television to network evening news and the Turner Classic Movie channel. Network anchors are all attractive, middle-aged or older men and women. Most commercial spots on the news sell pharmaceuticals to older, attractive men and women. Teenagers, twenty-something’s and even thirty-something’s are pretty much absent, making the process of denial so much easier.

The Decision – by Michael Kell

Nothing cuts to the quick of reality faster than burying the young. For one brief moment time slows down enough for us to come up out of this world’s ether and see life in its natural state; brief and fragile, precious and final. No exchanges, no returns.

James Bond – by Michael Kell

Life moves pretty fast. We think we have time enough both present and future but it’s a lie. The tyranny of the urgent so often prevents higher ideals from ever taking form. The sad irony is the higher ideal almost always involves helping others outside our circles...

The 33 – by Michael Kell

Over the years people have asked me how we’ve survived living and doing business in a small town for so long...

The Imperfect Game – by Michael Kell

I’ve noticed that columns in the Review have become engagingly pithy and more personal. This is a very good thing...

Small Pond Living – by Michael Kell

I think we are all designed to live in a small pond and if not a small pond then much smaller parts of bigger ponds.

Best – By Michael Kell

This year we were asked by Oregon’s State Fair Division to be the title sponsor and director of the 2013 Best Coffee in Oregon...

Lessons in the Boat – by Michael Kell

As a young boy, I liked to sit in the bow of the small aluminum fishing boat. I liked the wind in my face and the way...