A Cup of Conversation

Earth House Crazy – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – March 2015

I remember the day Mary’s obstetrician told us the baby was transverse lie breach (hugging mamma high and tight sideways) though we still had time. The due day was […]

Fraternity of Marriage – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – February 2015

After twenty-five years of marital bliss, I’ve come to understand a great many more things about life, love, and the beautiful reality of imperfection called marriage. Some things can’t […]

“I bring you good news…” – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – December 2014/January 2015

“I bring you good news which shall bring great joy to all people…”

Mary wasn’t dreaming when the words hit the woman-child like a thunderbolt. She could not be […]

Next – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – November 2014

The world is changing and once reasonable expectations for the next generation are now pretty much off the table. For twenty-five years we’ve called Southern Oregon home, raised our […]

Finishing Well – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – October 2014

The tapestry of a man’s life is woven with many living threads but only a rare few actually color the soul. True friendship is purified by heat and pressure. […]

Skinny Mirror – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – September 2014

For Father’s Day I received a basket of gifts one of which is a trivia game called Chat Pack, a collection of conversation starters for around the dinner table. […]

Culture of Civility – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – August 2014

The city recently mailed out a notice to all merchants that city personnel can no longer spend any time collecting on slow-paying accounts, specifically business license and parking district […]

Earn This – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – July 2014

Memorial Day afternoon a man driving down Oregon Street suffered a cardiac arrest then plowed into the face of GoodBean Jacksonville but not before crushing table and chairs just […]

Together – by Michael Kell

This month next year, my lovely wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. That’s a quarter-century ago. It’s also the same year we started a life and business in Southern Oregon. As we grow older, more and more people ask us how we met, how we got started, how we made it all work.

Old Jim – by Michael Kell

I first met Old Jim back in the early nineties when commercial Jacksonville was struggling to survive. The only enterprise with consistent lines out the door throughout the year was Loaves and Fishes, the community food kitchen next door serving hundreds of seniors every week.