A Cup of Conversation

Oz – by Michael Kell

Cup of Conversation – February 2017

There’s a reason why politics and religion are taboo topics at dinner parties. We can creatively design filters to guard the truth about what we really think but these days […]

Frogs and Lawyers – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – December 2016/January 2017

I had to skip a couple articles; my apologies. Along with my very sick wife needing extended out of town medical care, we had an unexpected funeral to […]

Patience is a Virtue – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – August 2016

I lost my patience the other evening. Patience and controlling the tongue are active, not passive. Patience is graduate level virtue not without personal cost and tamed tongues are […]

We Know Nothing…Yet – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – July 2016

A couple thousand years ago, a contributing writer to the world’s best-selling book penned, “If any man thinks he knows anything, he knows not yet what he ought to […]

Frankenstein – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – June 2016

When good is called evil and evil is called good, moral relevancy is replaced by something else. In the 21st century, it is political correctness. Free […]

Improbable Gifts – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – May 2016

There are moments in our kids’ lives, pivotal moments defining who they are and what they’re destined to be. Some twenty years ago, summer in Oregon came early. Our […]

Final Arrangements – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – April 2016

When we sat down to prepare our trust and will arrangements, the estate planner asked how we wanted to structure the end of life details. This means death and […]

A Cup of Conversation, March 2016 – by Michael Kell

Our grown daughter sent me this the other day. She said it reminded her of me…Love you, Dad! That’s pretty funny but not really. Her teen years were foggy days for me. I was sick […]

Desperate – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – February 2016

I studied economics in college. Almost every macro-economics professor used the Great Depression as a model in explaining modern theory. Today, honest analysis tells us there isn’t much difference […]

On Time and Healing – by Michael Kell

A Cup of Conversation – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Healing is a glimpse of heaven. Those sick, in pain or severely depressed can appreciate the depth of the metaphor. Spiritual life reveals much about what we don’t […]