Focus on Hanley Farm – March 2017

160 years ago, Michael Hanley purchased what is now known as Hanley Farm. Originally the farm was called “The Willows,” a name taken from a weeping willow planted in the 1860s, a tree that has “…toppled twice, in 1940 and again in 1986.” But, “…in each instance it regenerated from shoots.” Like that Willow Tree, Hanley Farm continues!

Much like the farm, another event, the Pear Blossom Festival, endures. The Pear Blossom Parade began in 1954 and has grown from 20 wagons to 150 or more entries, to approximately 4000 participants, and to over 30,000 people lining the parade route. This year’s theme for the April 8 festival is, “Our Valley, Our Heritage.” In keeping with this theme, it is fitting that the Southern Oregon Historical Society has been invited to be this year’s Grand Marshal. Thank you Pear Blossom for choosing the SOHS and Hanley Farm to be a part of this event!

Also in April, Hanley Farm hosts its Annual Heritage Plant Sale. Celebrating the 160th anniversary of the coming of the Hanleys to the valley, Hanley Farm proudly showcases the farm’s unique trees and shrubs including, lilacs from the mid-1800s, Lenten roses, flowering crab apples, and exotic magnolias—Hanley Farm is in bloom!

The SOHS Research Library is open three days a week, Wednesday through Friday, noon-4:00pm. If you’re looking for your favorite Great Uncle, want to know who lived in your house when it was built, learn more about Peter Britt, famed Jacksonville photographer, the Library provides a wealth of information! You may spend an afternoon researching your favorite topic at the library for a nominal research fee of $5. Membership has its rewards—SOHS members pay no research fee!

“Windows in Time,” a free lunch-time series, features well-known writers and historians, is held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Medford Branch Library, and on the second Wednesday of each month at the Ashland Branch Library.

So, 160 years later, we celebrate Hanley Farm! Please join us as we move forward with these events, and more!